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Liza Veliz Explores The Mr & Miss Moolto Contest Part 2 !

Wed 12/30/09

So…. The 23rd of December passed and Mr and Miss Moolto got not 20 but 26 semi finalists in the semi final^^^ apparently it was too hard for the jury to choose only ten females and ten males. It was not an open event this one so I cannot tell you about them cheerful and happily bouncing avatars that got chosen by eye view ^^ but I can tell you them were very happy in their comments on the Moolto® website anyway^^^

So now we await the great final events in end of January, and there I will take you to by mine blog anyway **smiles**

Instead I will now let you meet an SL™ designer of fashion to let you in on her visions of SL and fashion.

This is about mine meeting with one of them designers that are sponsoring the contest.

SL designers are special in their own ways and its not exactly same rules of design and fashion inside of SL as in RL, for the good and the bad, of course.

Sonatta Morales is creating vintage fashion and we met for a short talk in her work study, where it was lag free and cozy^^

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Sonatta Morales

She is a fashion illustrator in RL these days and has many years in the world of fashion behind her.
Originally from London she also lived in Paris, Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Miami and has seen the most of the scene and knows a lot about fashion of course.

Sonatta Morales has a theory about the difference between design fashion for SL and RL; she tells me SL is having its advantages before RL since SL isn’t as depending on the sell factor as RL. A new creator gets a chance in here when they have not too easy time in RL.

-Sonatta tells me:
“As a SL® designer, I keep my eyes peeled for what happens in rl and I frequently identify parts of my SL work that went to rl later. For instance in a recent Haute Couture show from a major fashion house I saw a model wearing a leopard hat exactly like one I designed in the beginning of 2009.”
“I am not saying I was copied; fashion is this spirit, this muse that inspires us all at same time. But it's nice to see sl walking in front of rl for a change”.
”We are always trying to be realistic here, sometimes reality comes after us too. I was saying that fashion in sl has its own challenges, we have the freedom to create whatever we want, but it's not that easy to make it happen on our avatar bodies, we have some limitations, attachments, movements...This can be a funny game, when you manage to achieve a certain effect it's like a victory. It’s very hard to overlay, to build new shapes, but we have some advantages too, unlimited use of material for instance”. :DD (she tells me with a big big smile to this)

-She continues:
“I like to see people wearing vintage fashion, fashion has such a rich past, it's an endless source of beauty and elegance.
As I make illustration for magazines I normally see fashion under a different light, it rarely surprises me I kind of know what to expect from it in rl. In sl it's different, fashion here is free and you can always be surprised with something different, rl fashion is kind of... tied to market rules. We dare a bit more around here. If I make a design and I don’t sell it, it won’t ruin me; rl has to sell and to sell well”.

”Market laws are different here and fashion in sl has so much potential to be explored, it’s exciting to imagine what will happen in the next years. We are at the forefront of a revolution. We can make our own laws”.

Sonatta Morales has a theory about fashion in all, how it works, and where sl is a futuristic factor in this in another way as well.

She says:
”I will tell a personal view of mine. Fashion got fragmented in our century, I can wear 40s and ignore the rest of the fashion world AND I will find hundreds of people into the same trip, the idea of tribes evolved, one can be part of a tribe and consume the fashion one desires. This is something typical of our times and sl fits this perfectly, so were ahead of rl fashion in this aspect”.
“We can wear Goth, Steampunk or just be trendy. We have all the designers here. It happens in a smaller scale but it will increase with time, there will be a mainstream and other streams will get more and more established”.
“I have friends who wear only 50s gear both rl and sl but there are no retro fashion magazines in rl. I believe this will change”.
“I don’t necessarily think sl provokes these changes, I believe sl announces them”.
“SL is relatively new, but we do things here first, this is a fact. It's a perfect platform for new creators. New creators aren’t very well received in rl. When rl brands drive test creations in sl they are trying to see if we are ... touched by them, after all we are used to lots of new things. Bear with me, in one hour here you can see amazing things, our avatar eyes are spoilt by choice :))”

Sonatta Morales appreciates the fact we have got retro fashion press inside of SL, she thinks its fantastic to see it maturing into real information and that we need this, we need an active press in sl, to inform and analyse.

She quotes:
“We should be prepared for bad reviews, she comments, when I tell her she can actually say no to let a sl magazine publish anything negative about her, as a change to the rl world of press”.

“I am human, sometimes I create things according to my taste and people simply don’t get it. I am very sober with colour for instance”.
“I like blacks, greys, dark reds, I rarely go out of this palette, but how many times people came to me asking for coloured versions of certain outfits. I am relaxed about it, I don’t do it but I don’t get angry with the request”.
“There are so many brilliant designers in sl and they use all the colours possible, I just want to carry on with my blacks and reds, she says with a smile. I have some exceptions of course, but in general I am into dark colours. I think the give us power and enhance our beauty”.

When I tell her its cool she stick to her own style, its one good way of making a strong brand, She agrees:
“That’s true”.

When I ask her if she is about to start an empire of her own vintage fashion, she smiles and say “no-no” …. She doesn’t own a sim yet, only some shops.

Me at one of her shops(Sonatta's)

She continues:
“I am making pretty things for me and for the select group of people, who like my things, let’s see what happens in the future ;) I am curious too”.

When asked if it is a kind of dream to be one of them designers them contesters chose collection from for the big price she just tells me she never expect these things to happen.
She says about it:
“I don’t like frustration, she says with a big smile. I prefer not to think about what could happen. I think Maxes is a clever guy and I wouldn’t say no to his idea. I trust his touch”.

Well, well…. We will see. Sonetta Morales makes a special collection of clothes of vintage model. Maxes Loon’s Mr and Miss Moolto contesters will have 25 new outfits of hers to decide from. She has been very busy lately to create them in time.
She is a specialist and it wouldn’t surprise me if her brand is going to be really big inside SL. I don’t know who she is behind her avatar, but talking to her is like talking to Cay Bond – the fashion guru- in RL Them fashionistas knows trends for sure. **grinz**

See you in next blog related to this event of Mr and Miss Moolto contest,

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