Monday, January 25, 2010

Part 3 : Reporter Liza Veliz Explores The Mr & Miss Moolto Contest !

Mon 1/25/10

The Moolto contest for Mr and Miss Moolto is now going into its final. The 29th it is going to be over and done. At the event the 23rd of January a jury asked the contesters tricky questions such as “If you could relate your experiences in SL™ to a Shakespeare Play which would it be and why?” Mina Pelazzi answered “to be or not to be”.

I met Mina Pelazzi at the end of the party in her dress from Alatiel. She looked marvelous.
When asked why she chose them particularly, she told me that she wear stuff from all them designers and she was proud to represent ate Alatiel, but it was not of her own choice – the Moolto team picked her to be their model.

So I guess this is another part of this contest and this business idea, them sponsors getting value for their investment by the ability too choose models too.

Another interesting person I run into was Minx Glaz from Violator.
He is from Berlin in the RL and has together with his friend an art and design project inside SL™ that they actually are able to live out of. They combine art and clothes in design and charge expensive prices for their exclusive products.

It seems everything Maxes Loon touches is turning into gold, or maybe the successful and skilled business people is carefully chosen by him. The egg or the hen... which came first^^^

Sonatta Morales had fashion show Sunday afternoon. It was very exclusive and impressive. This was part of the fashion week inside SL now and it was on Moolto land of course.

Another of them benefits the sponsors gets, the ability to throw such things in a luxury environment at no more cost then them 20k a month for the banner at the site.

For you that weren’t there here is the links to Moolto site where you can read all of what happened, all those questions and the answers from the contesters, and also Maxes Loons own view of this event.

In the newsflash is the fact the members of the group on Moolto was also in on choosing who to win. Yes, you read that right.

The finalists will be presented in a list with the jury ranking and the number of public votes the 29th of January.

Friday this week we will know which two people are going to be Mr and Miss Moolto 2010.
The finalists will be presented in a list with the jury ranking and the number of public votes the 29th of January on the Moolto site.

I will bring you to the glittering final event 31 of January where the overall winners will be announced.

Oi Magazine investigative reporter

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