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The Alexander McQueen Tribute Fashion Show By Avenue


Su 2/28/10

The 11th of February this year 2010 Lee Alexander McQueen was found dead by suicide...
The whole world of fashion (and avant-garde) stopped breathing for a second.
This designer was very special with his ability to shock his fellow designers of the fashion industry at events. Some called him the last provocative designer due to this.

38 designers inside Second Life made in one week tributes to him that was shown in the event "For the Love of McQueen" by Avenue the 28th of February.
These items will now go for sale in their stores during march and all the out coming of this goes to a foundation similar to them McQueen himself was contributing to, the "Keep A Child Alive" charity.

His pointed to the ground shoes and extravagant hats and mix of colours was, of course, represented in this SL event.
His style of contradictions between beautiful and ugly was so There!

Conferee Angie Mornington (Fabulous Fashion) gave us the story of Lee Alexander McQueen by showing the video ColeMarie Soleil made entitled “The life cycle of a butterfly dryad” and by telling us about him with the designers words while presenting their outfits on the catwalk.

We got to know he loved the colour blue, and got reminded that he was obsessed with dark glamour and was all about symmetry and chaotic balance. Yes. If you ever saw a fashion show with McQueen involved, you do know this already.

The outfit I loved the most was Tres Beau’s design called “Missing You” inspired by McQueen’s 2009 fall collection.
Designer Kimmera Madison’s words describing it was, according to Angie Mornington; “I love black and white and his legging boots in the huge Hounds tooth plaids were such fun!
I wanted to capture McQueen’s playfulness and his chic take on fun.
I loved the way he could take something feminine and soft and give it an edgy look. He had an amazing sense for the female shape.”

Mischa Cuttita was wearing this lovely outfit with a cute skirt that kind of stood up in a lovely “Marilyn Monroe in the wind picture” way.

It was worn with Lelutka’s Jean Hair in Gold Blonde and Ife light skin, Angie told us.

Me myself loved them stockings she was wearing.... they very much speaks to fashion of SecondLife of today.
Striped in two colours and looks like made of wool.

Well, this one AND the birdcage hat outfit... was most impressive to me^^
Yeah, there was really a girl with a birdcage on her head!
That one rocked totally^^ and then the DJ played Arabian music to it, so the reference to this one become the feeling of burkas for me. Cool shot, DJ Rusch! Sort of makes you think, just like McQueen used to do in his own fashion shows.

The Face of Moolto, RicoRacer Flux, was one of the models tonight.
He wore FIR by Rob1977 Moonites. Really nice style, made me think of Victorian men outfits.
It was cool to see the designers making tributes also to McQueens earlier era when he did male fashion.

The stories around the designers creations, told by Angie Mornington, in this show deserves a book.
But no need for this since we will be able to see it all over and over again in an TV-documentary coming up.
Machinima artistt TommyLee Nightfire is creating a film documenting the creations and the show.
The fashion show was staged on a build realized by Babyhoney Bailey based on Rusch Raymaker's (CEO of Avenue) inspiration for the show.

The designers involved and the sponsors you find in this link:

The progression of donations received through this project is found in this link

Do I have to tell you I had a good time? It was crowded, lag was incredible, we had to take of our prim things – some ppl went barefoot **Liza giggles**, the music was awesome!
And the ending was beautiful since them showed the film again – so we watched McQueen´s RL fashion on the TV after all this cool SL fashion.
I Am overloaded with beauty!! And I LOVE THIS!!

Pictures for this event are found at this link
The event photographer who developed the pics is courtesy of AVENUE Models Photographer : Tillie Ariantho

Liza Veliz
For Oi Magazine Blog

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