Monday, February 1, 2010

Short update on Moolto contest!

Mon 02/01/10

This contest is not over!

Forget the 31st January as date for The Grand Final in The Mr and Miss Moolto 2010 contest.
The final standing before the jury will be on the 27th of February!

So far five male and five females have been chosen for finalists.


RicoRacer Flux

Spencer Christenson

Jarl Soderstrom

Apollo Call

Salvo Waydelich


Haidyn Inglewood

Diconay Boa

Mina Pelazzi

Julia Brand

Suri Alex

Here they are in the order of most popular so far according to the scores they got from the jury and the votes they got from the contests group members at the semi final).

In this next step of Mr and Miss Moolto contest it is told the contesters will have to prove their ability to teamwork and show their creative sides, according to latest news on the Moolto group site for this contest.

The 13th-27th of February the voting for the group members will open again.

/Liza Veliz
Oi Magazine

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