Saturday, March 13, 2010

PAR-TAY at Moon Spirit Rising Club !

Sat 3/13/10

Sunday March 7 was another amazing day for Oi Magazine.
We celebrated the release of our March issue and thanks to Moonde Magic and Colleen Bracken, owners of Moon Spirit Rising Dance Club, we did it with style.
We had a lot to celebrate, too.
Oi reached a personal record of 8,000 page views online for the March issue within 40 hours of release.

The Oi Magazine staff and friends shook their booties to some amazing tunes performed by Gina Stella, an incredible SL artist who gave this reporter goosebumps. Wow!
And it's thanks to club owners like Moonde and Colleen who embrace live music in Second Life® and offer this special brand of entertainment to music lovers throughout the grid.


I was the second guest to arrive at the hot and sexy skybox club that is Moon Spirit Rising.
A gold Oi logo graced the wall behind the stage, framed by a golden drapery, and it also covered a dance floor that would soon be trodden by happy dancing feet.
Aken Fuchs, a Moon Spirit Rising club owner and Gina Stella's partner in both SL and RL, had arrived ahead of me.
By the way, Aken is also a phenomenal musician.
I know because I've heard him and I strongly recommend you hear him, too.

Gina Stella appeared on stage looking exquisite in a sexy pink sequined mini dress and carrying a pink guitar.
Her pink furry boots completed her pastel ensemble.
We exchanged hellos, and then the lovely Moonde herself arrived.
Friendly chatter began in local and excitement was brewing for what we all knew would be an incredible show.

The beginning of lag crept into the club, which was to be expected considering the SIM had suffered a crash a few days earlier.
Guests were a little slow to rez, but once they did, it was full on party time.


Gina has the sweet voice of an angel, and her repertoire of music included not only pop favorites like Mad World and Bad Girl, but also some songs written and composed by the artist herself.
Gina sang a lovely original tune called Under the Same Moon.
Her talent for playing acoustic guitar knocked my socks off. Just beautiful. And she's funny, too!
She interacts well with an audience and is skilled at rousting a crowd with her good humor.

It was fun seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones. A few of the other guests included fellow Oi Magazine reporter Liza Veliz, Gina's manager Lo Bloch, Trish Broek, Eli Schlegal, Sanne Brun, Christine Haiku, Scagg Pera, Khloe Condor, Atticus Westminster, Nya Raymaker, Adeon Silverfall, Moxee Farstrider and another Spirit Moon Rising owner, Demento Lunasea.
Oi Magazine publisher Krissy Sinclair joined us, but we missed Carmichael Caudron, who arrived a little later on the night.



The mood was festive and the dancing lively, as there were a number of peppy dance moves in the dance ball.
Moon Spirit has more to offer than just music and dancing though.
I'm a huge Midnight Mania fan and I was happy to slap all the MM boards they had in the lobby.
Can't pass up an opportunity like that!

The atmosphere of Moon Spirit is friendly and enthusiastic for a club that's only been open since October of 2009. They feature live music at least six times a month, and offer a variety of genres and styles that will please any musical pallet.
There's something for everyone.
You'll be interested to know that 100 percent of the club's proceeds go toward live entertainment.
Their subscribe-o-matic is a convenient way to join the club's group and receive notices of upcoming venues.

There are currently six DJs working for Moon Spirit who provide club-goers with an impressive array of lively music from Trance to Pop.
DJ Archangelo Hellman, Trance aficionado, shares similar musical tastes with club DJs Butch Diavalo and Yannis Martivov.
DJ Sergio Handcroft is versatile in his mixes and gives clubbers everything from Pop to Big Band sounds.
DJ Splash Kidd is Dance style. On Sundays, the Daley Dose Dancers come in to bring the club some old school line dancing.

Gina closed her set with a cute number she called Smelly Cat.
I have three smelleh kittehs mahself lol
Her song brought plenty of giggles from the crowd, who were still giddy from this nightingale's incredible performance. I left the party a member of Gina's fan club, and received a sample CD of her music.
I love it and listen to it all the time.

Thank you, Moonde and Colleen, for throwing such a great party.
And thanks to all of you for reading.
Take care and hugs to each and every one. 

Chalice Piers, Oi Magazine Press

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wed 3/10/10

Phaylen Fairchild's Academy Awards pre-show event at the Bijou Theater in Second Life ( Bay City-Rollers region)on March 7 coincided with the actual event taking place in L.A.
As the real world Hollywood show simulcasted live inside the theater, a few SL™ fashionistas strutted their stuff across the Bijou lobby's red carpet.

Party at the pre-show

Front of Bijou Theater

The Academy Awards™ is the place to see, and be seen by, some of the hottest names in the movie business.
The Oscars' pre-show event in Hollywood is all about dressing to impress and actors, writers and directors wear formal fashions created by such icons as Givency, Dior, Armani and Chanel.
But SL won't be out done in the fashion department.
We have our own Haute Couture, and this year's pre-show was the perfect venue to show it off.

I arrived early at the Bijou in Bay City to ensure I'd get a seat before the SIM had a chance to fill up.
The lag-a-licious mainland would be a strike against event-goers and I already felt the inevitable lag seep through my pixels before I fully rezzed.

While waiting outside the beautiful theater book-ended by two giant renderings of the Oscar statue, we were assaulted by griefers.
The horribly deformed avatars rode bikes over gown-wearing guests, and those not wearing some sort of movelock were bumped and tossed in the street.
Security would have been welcome for such a prestigious event, but since there was none, some of us submitted abuse reports to Linden Labs.
The griefers didn't stick around long.

Me with my husband in the auditorium watching the show at Bjiou, with familiar faces in the press in the crowd as well such as Mystical Demina, Bevan Whitfield and Ze Moo

My husband and I sat inside the darkened theater, waiting for the show to start.
I'd hoped for movie trailers, and then realized this was the pre-show, which wasn't so much about film as it was about fashion.
I was surprised to hear people on the screen speaking Dutch, a language I don't understand, but that was to be expected as the pre-awards coverage was simulcasted via Amsterdam.

Once Hollywood's red carpet Glamourrati showed up on, the English-speaking media began interviewing the stars. Subtitled Dutch scrolled over the images of actors and actresses.
The sounds got a bit confusing as Dutch layered over spoken English, music filtered in from the lobby, and our host, Phaylen Fairchild, began interviewing a few of her best-dressed SL guests.

Phaylen and the theater's DJ, Thorne Miklos, stood on a platform in the lobby and used voice to speak with some guests about their personal choice of attire and their predictions for Oscar winners.
While stars and movie pros dress for the media as well as whoever may grant them their next multi-million dollar contract, we were dressed for ourselves and for each other. That's simply how SL rolls.

I wasn't getting much out of the chaos happening on the screen so we decided to venture out to the lobby, where the real action was taking place.
The lag hit us like a wave of molasses, but we persevered and made it out into the colorful lobby filled with lovely gowns, tuxedos, and… oh my.
Who should grace us with their presence but a few of the Na'Vi from the Academy Award nominated picture Avatar!
They looked awesome, just like in the movie.

Avatar the favorite ended up with 3 awards,all in technical department,while

the hurtlocker took home the award for best director!

Avatar, by the way, was favored among guests to win the coveted Oscar.
But alas, in the end, Hurt Locker took it on several counts.
Here's some trivia from Phaylen: Catherine Bigalow, director of Hurt Locker, is Avatar director James Cameron's ex-wife!

Back to the red carpet… First up to the platform was Sasy Scarborough.
Sasy and Phaylen talked about how limited we are in terms of the prims we can wear, which contribute to lag in SL.
The increased ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) can stop everyone in their tracks.
Phaylen admitted to being guilty on occasion of lagging out a client viewer.
She and Sasy also talked about how the men at the Oscars can dress down and still look good, though Robert Downy Junior got serious points marked down when he appeared on the Hollywood red carpet with his oversized blue bow tie, horn rimmed glasses, and sneakers.
A major fashion fail.
The classic looks for mature gentlemen like George Clooney, however, continue to prevail.

Moving on, Phaylen chatted with Tyrone and Delinda. Bling, or the lack thereof, came up as a fashion contention.
In SL's olden days, bling was the thing, but it's thankfully become a fashion faux pas.
It's a smart designer who scripts in the option of turning off the offensive flashing on boots, jewelry, and belt buckles.
Those wearing bling give themselves away that they're either wearing a retired freebie, or they dug through the bottom of their inventory.
Another interesting point made was how some guys at the Oscars match what their dates by wearing pocket squares and ties that are a similar color or fabric.

Dorian Cao is next up, and he has his own unique challenges when it comes to dressing for fancy events. He's a fox.
I don't mean the kind that's hot and good looking, which he may be, but the kind of fox that's small and furry.
He got his avatar from the popular Loco Poco supplier of tinies.
Dorian bedecked himself in an ultra small version of tux and cane, including top hat. Adorable.

Fatima Ur wore a luscious black wedding gown she customized to suit the look she was after.
And Maxie McBride accompanied her fashion designer daughter, Moxie Palono, who had designed the lovely gown worn by Phaylen herself.

Whimsy Winx, wearing a spring floral gown, told Phaylen that it's important to dress comfortable for such a long event as the Oscars, which can last up to eight hours or more. With the pre-show interviews, awards ceremony, and the parties afterward, the movie pros are faced with a long day and night.

A point made by both Whimsy and Phaylen is how there's rarely anything unexpected, fashion-wise, in real world Hollywood. Whereas here inworld, the sky's the limit.
Women tend to be far more daring.
My own gown, a white diamond studded creation from Solo and Solo of Icewerks, left little to the imagination.
Second Life fashion is an aspect of self-expression, a place where we can reveal our true selves with little regard to being judged by others. Or is that just me? she says, grinning broadly.

Despite the couple's dance ball not loaded with slow dances, some of us still managed to hop around the dance floor like kernels of popping corn.
Even the Na'Vi shook their blue bootays.
A good time was had by all.

As always, thank you for reading. Until next time… take care and have fun.

Chalice Piers, Journalist/Blogger for Oi Magazine

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random review of our hugely succesful March issue !

Article written by Carmichael Caudrond

Disclaimer :
we didnt get full permission to post this review,a friend of our reporter submitted it to me so to protect the identity of the customer,we only used the first name :)

Here goes:

(7:49:17 AM) Blue: I just checked that forum where I posted OI magazine last night ...
(7:50:11 AM) Blue: Well, everyone is saying it looks like a profesional fashion mag with avatars
(7:50:24 AM) Blue: Your article has been said to be very good and interesting
(7:50:54 AM) Blue: and one woman has registered with SL although she hasn't had time to get itno it yet
(7:51:12 AM) Blue: One woman said she wants to register to see the artwork you write about
(7:51:24 AM) Blue: someone else has mentioned Treet TV (there is a large article)
(7:51:33 AM) Blue: everyone is praising it

woohoo,please submit your comments here or at the magazine URL
We would love to read it,comments like these keep us going and striving to get better and better !!

Carmichael Caudron, editor-in-chief and team of Oi Magazine

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oi Magazine has released its March 2010 issue on and also inworld !

Written by Carmichael Caudron

The March 2010 issue has arrived !!


Oi Magazine has released March 2010 issue online at and inworld as well,type in "Oi Magazine" in search inworld to find a kiosk (approx. 90 kiosk grid wide) near you :)

We cover 5 stories in this issue,along with some advertisements which makes the magazine issue count in total of 100 pages

The stories are:
1- Stars of Treet TV : Persia Bravin,Paisley Beebe and Angie Mornington
2- PurpleMoon Magic (fashion icon Poulet koenKamp)
3- artist Scottius Polke's mushROOM
4- Amsterdam sims are featured,as we interview its renovation builder Bonke Bonetto!
5- music band "The Explosives" tell their story

Here is the link:

Enjoy :)
Carmichael Caudron,Oi Magazine co-owner and editor

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Faces of Moolto 2010 !

Mon 3/1/10

The contest for Mr and Miss Moolto is over. RicoRacer Flux and Mina Pelazzi are the winners!

RicoRacer Flux

Mina Pelazzi

And for once it seems the roles are changed between genders.
Mina is the one who chooses to meet me in the Moolto office. She is PR right through.
Rico is the butterfly, the fashion person all through. He meets me in IM before the model fashion show of McQueen where he is modeling instead. Am sure they will be a great team for Moolto.

Maxes Loon was pleased about the jury’s choice.
He is good at picking winners out of the crowd of pixels in this world of ours and had provided the jury with so many skilled persons.
They went through tough premises in the contest.
This time it was their ideas of promotion and ability to work in teams that was challenged, before it was about their personalities.
The red thread through the whole contest was about their ability to promote, marketing and represent Moolto.

When I saw Mina’s video promoting Moolto I just knew that she would win.
(It’s in the Moolto blog btw for Mr and Miss Moolto contest :
You can sense it that she is PR all through. I noticed this first time I met her. Diplomatic and very aware of what she tells you,”This contest was not about only beauty, it was about more. That was what made me interested,” Mina tells me in the office of Moolto the morning after she won.

Maxes Loon at the Moolto social Network, Moolto Community Store

“I am very pleased to win this contest, since I work with graphic designs and PR in RL too. It gives me an opportunity to improve myself and add some good things to Moolto. “

Rico was a favorite among many people I know. He is a fashion person all through.
Many companies uses his skills and he writes a fashion blog and used to write for a Fashion magazine called Catalyst of Fantasy Magazine, of which the CEO,Lacie Beningborough is a very good friend of Oi Magazine ^^
I'm not at all surprised Rico is one of the super models in the McQueen Tribute show “For the love of McQueen”.
“I follow fashion shows in RL and I do the same inside of SL,” Rico tells me in IM.
Besides the McQueen show in a few seconds and later there is a photo session for him at another fashion company in SL.

Rico used to be a model in RL during college in catalogues, but he was too short for this to be his main career, he tells me.
You may say he is surely compensating for this inside of our pixel world of SL.
Maxes Loon (Owner of Moolto) joins me and Mina in the office and sits behind his desk smiling.
He knows he got one heck of a great team in his hands, and his plans are big as usual, and will be happening soon.
“The jury made a good choice, am pleased with their decision, “Maxes tells me with a smile.
“We are now sitting down to draw out the lines for this. We have lots of new projects coming up, a base for networking DJ:s, another for Fashion and a third for Photographers.
We just bought the best system for photos inside SL. We will have a gallery and different theme every month. And it will be open for amateurs as well as for professionals, “he tells me proudly.

“I am attending this”, Mina says with a glimpse in her eye.
“Mina is a professional when it comes to photography upon her skills for PR,” Maxes tells me.
Moolto is 70% about fashion, according to Maxes. So am sure he appreciates this side of Rico besides him being good with promotion too.
I can only wish for them the best and am sure it will be of success. ^^
Everything he touches turns to gold, or is it that he has sense for where to find this?
When I tell this thought to Maxes he simply says “haven’t seen any gold!” But am sure he is smiling behind his computer, he knows his skills^^ as an entrepreneur of high class and a network spider for sure!

Liza Veliz
Journalist/Event Blogger of Oi Magazine