Monday, March 1, 2010

The Faces of Moolto 2010 !

Mon 3/1/10

The contest for Mr and Miss Moolto is over. RicoRacer Flux and Mina Pelazzi are the winners!

RicoRacer Flux

Mina Pelazzi

And for once it seems the roles are changed between genders.
Mina is the one who chooses to meet me in the Moolto office. She is PR right through.
Rico is the butterfly, the fashion person all through. He meets me in IM before the model fashion show of McQueen where he is modeling instead. Am sure they will be a great team for Moolto.

Maxes Loon was pleased about the jury’s choice.
He is good at picking winners out of the crowd of pixels in this world of ours and had provided the jury with so many skilled persons.
They went through tough premises in the contest.
This time it was their ideas of promotion and ability to work in teams that was challenged, before it was about their personalities.
The red thread through the whole contest was about their ability to promote, marketing and represent Moolto.

When I saw Mina’s video promoting Moolto I just knew that she would win.
(It’s in the Moolto blog btw for Mr and Miss Moolto contest :
You can sense it that she is PR all through. I noticed this first time I met her. Diplomatic and very aware of what she tells you,”This contest was not about only beauty, it was about more. That was what made me interested,” Mina tells me in the office of Moolto the morning after she won.

Maxes Loon at the Moolto social Network, Moolto Community Store

“I am very pleased to win this contest, since I work with graphic designs and PR in RL too. It gives me an opportunity to improve myself and add some good things to Moolto. “

Rico was a favorite among many people I know. He is a fashion person all through.
Many companies uses his skills and he writes a fashion blog and used to write for a Fashion magazine called Catalyst of Fantasy Magazine, of which the CEO,Lacie Beningborough is a very good friend of Oi Magazine ^^
I'm not at all surprised Rico is one of the super models in the McQueen Tribute show “For the love of McQueen”.
“I follow fashion shows in RL and I do the same inside of SL,” Rico tells me in IM.
Besides the McQueen show in a few seconds and later there is a photo session for him at another fashion company in SL.

Rico used to be a model in RL during college in catalogues, but he was too short for this to be his main career, he tells me.
You may say he is surely compensating for this inside of our pixel world of SL.
Maxes Loon (Owner of Moolto) joins me and Mina in the office and sits behind his desk smiling.
He knows he got one heck of a great team in his hands, and his plans are big as usual, and will be happening soon.
“The jury made a good choice, am pleased with their decision, “Maxes tells me with a smile.
“We are now sitting down to draw out the lines for this. We have lots of new projects coming up, a base for networking DJ:s, another for Fashion and a third for Photographers.
We just bought the best system for photos inside SL. We will have a gallery and different theme every month. And it will be open for amateurs as well as for professionals, “he tells me proudly.

“I am attending this”, Mina says with a glimpse in her eye.
“Mina is a professional when it comes to photography upon her skills for PR,” Maxes tells me.
Moolto is 70% about fashion, according to Maxes. So am sure he appreciates this side of Rico besides him being good with promotion too.
I can only wish for them the best and am sure it will be of success. ^^
Everything he touches turns to gold, or is it that he has sense for where to find this?
When I tell this thought to Maxes he simply says “haven’t seen any gold!” But am sure he is smiling behind his computer, he knows his skills^^ as an entrepreneur of high class and a network spider for sure!

Liza Veliz
Journalist/Event Blogger of Oi Magazine

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