Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random review of our hugely succesful March issue !

Article written by Carmichael Caudrond

Disclaimer :
we didnt get full permission to post this review,a friend of our reporter submitted it to me so to protect the identity of the customer,we only used the first name :)

Here goes:

(7:49:17 AM) Blue: I just checked that forum where I posted OI magazine last night ...
(7:50:11 AM) Blue: Well, everyone is saying it looks like a profesional fashion mag with avatars
(7:50:24 AM) Blue: Your article has been said to be very good and interesting
(7:50:54 AM) Blue: and one woman has registered with SL although she hasn't had time to get itno it yet
(7:51:12 AM) Blue: One woman said she wants to register to see the artwork you write about
(7:51:24 AM) Blue: someone else has mentioned Treet TV (there is a large article)
(7:51:33 AM) Blue: everyone is praising it

woohoo,please submit your comments here or at the magazine URL
We would love to read it,comments like these keep us going and striving to get better and better !!

Carmichael Caudron, editor-in-chief and team of Oi Magazine

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