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Meet & Greet with top model Candylicious Forster !

Mo 04/19/10

Candy portrait 1
Candylicious Forster portrait 1

Greetings, fellow Fashionistas and those interested or fascinated by the immensely popular fashion world, get ready to learn a lot about the industry by the insight of one of Second Life®'s top fashion models in the business, Candylicious Forster.

Candy granted me an interview and invited me to her beautiful home, where we had a friendly chat that revealed her beauty goes beyond skin deep.

When I arrived at Candy's home in the early afternoon, I rezzed within an elegantly decorated living room with large windows that revealed a manicured landscape.
I sat in a luxuriant white armchair near an aquarium filled with tropical fish, and Candy seated herself in the twin chair beside me.
As a reporter I was also naturally eager to hear about her life as a model and about the industry she'd enthusiastically become a part of.

Candy portrait 2
Candy portrait 2

Candy came into SL™ on May 5, 2008, having come previously from another virtual world called redlightcenter™
She wasn't in SL long before she was approached by the co-owners and CEO's of Classic W/Style™, a high-end modeling agency.
They invited her to compete in the Miss Hawaii 2009 Pageant™, where she was awarded second runner up.
Not bad for her first time.^^
She attended the Classic W/Style Academy and graduated in December 2009.

Chalice Piers,Oi reporter with Candylicious Forster
Chalice Piers,Oi reporter with Candylicious Forster

"In my first life, I'm a 23-year-old law student," Candy told me.
"My family are all lawyers and I am an only child.
My RL goal is to become a business lawyer specialized in copyright law."

So when Candy first started in Second Life, modeling was the last thing on her mind. But that changed after her Miss Hawaii Pageant experience.
Since then, she has participated in over 12 fashion shows, was 2nd runner up to Ms Show Girl 2009™, was Ms Photogenic™ in Ms Show Girl 2009, was Ms. Too Sexy 2010 Cover Girl™, and a variety of other accolades too numerous to mention in the limited space of this blog.
However, you can view a list of Candy's accomplishments on her website

Candy bikini photoshoot
Candy in bikini photoshoot

I expressed concern over her busy schedule of juggling law school and her SL modeling career.
She assured me it isn't a problem. "It's extremely organized in SL, so if you know this (fashion) industry in RL , it's identical to what we have here in SL."

Candy said, "I have visited some campuses in SL in the fashion industry that truly impressed me.
The creativity of the designers comes from every part of the world and imposes on this industry to be professional."

Though Candy manages her time well, she has no social life. "I rarely go dancing or have a date in SL because my focus is modeling and success," she said. "Modeling is not just a pose or motion we do on the run way. It's a dedication to the love and passion of fashion and style."

There is extensive training involved in becoming a SL model. "We do a fashion show at least once a week, mainly Saturdays, and sometimes we have Thursday shows too," Candy told me.
"Our CEO, Ms Anrol Anthony, is one of the most creative cat walk designers in formation that I know. Every week, every fashion show, she changes formations, changes the runway place, and she keeps all models on their toes.
A good model will practice on her own too so that she can memorize formations and what is needed."

Candy is now attending Avenue Academy™ for the additional knowledge she'll gain of the fashion and modeling industry. She said, "I want to learn from the best."

For the interest of blog readers, I asked about the costs involved in training to be a model.
Candy told me the tuition for a good SL modeling school has a broad range so she advises the schools be contacted directly for a quote.
Scholarships exist for those who are serious about pursuing a modeling career but who lack the funds to pay for it themselves.

"Modeling is not about making money," Candy said. "Not in SL at least. Not even for the designers, who don't make much money either."

Candy said running a modeling academy is extremely hard work as she often sees her school's CEOs online round the clock. "They do it for the passion and their ambition of fulfilling their dreams."

While talking about SL designers, Candy said, "I swear I know some of the most famous designers in SL, and if you knew what type of work they do in RL you would be shocked. Having the creativity but not the means to create is what brings them to SL where they can make their dreams a reality."

Candy told me about a recent styling contest she was in that had a Neko theme. "That day I said I didn't want to look like the normal Neko outfits all over SL, I want to be different. So I went to a place that makes shapes and skin of Neko. When I tried the demo I looked like a midget and that is a no-no in the industry." So she worked with the maker to create a shape and skin that was modifiable so it would fit model requirements. But in spite of her efforts and expense, she did not win.
Perfection is the name of the game in these competitions, and Candy lost because one of her eyelashes was inside her eye. That's how close the judges look for imperfections.

If someone is interested in getting into modeling, how should they start?

Candy gown photoshoot
Candy in gown photoshoot

Candy had this to say: "First they must truly love fashion and understand the styling concepts.
They must have a friendly attitude and be able to spend at least four hours a day of extensive training.
They can either attend a modeling college or an academy." Then she added, "Recomendations are important as is socializing with everyone in the industry. Learn from everything around you because we can't let ignorance rule our minds or expect to be the best because there will always be someone better."

But it doesn’t stop there. "Get involved in blogging, Facebook™, Moolto™, Pixilook™, and read all these magazines we have all over SL about fashion.
They give a lot of insight into this industry.
In fact, modeling agencies don't depend on magazines only. There are Youtube™ videos on the net from SL and a lot of the designers have their own websites."

Candy has her own videos, too. You can view them at and

Candy's favorite designers are Jador Fashion™, Joy Fellini™, Violator™, Utopia Fashion™, 24 Shoo Shoes™, Red passion™, Bliss Couture™, and Versace™.
She usually gets paid for modeling by being allowed to keep the outfits she models.

Candy would like to pass on a quote to our readers: "People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."
This is a quote taken from Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross.

Thank you, Candy, for such a delightful interview! And thank you, readers, and like to thank our guest as well for this interview , top fashion model Candylicious Forster

My name is Chalice Piers,reporting for Oi Magazine blog


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