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Jay Hurikan, Portrait of The CisumWebzine™ CEO

Mon 04/12/10
Written by Liza Veliz


Long time ago I was searching for RL Musicians inside SL and found ZenMag™, a stage for them.
None was around that time, but when I took the landmark half a year later someone was there.
Not the ava I was searching for, but the ava Jay Hurikan.
It turned out it was the man I was looking for anyway. The man behind (Jérémy Vallauri in Real World) is the former owner of ZenMag and now the CEO of CisumWebzine and their stage for RL Musicians inside SecondLife™.

Since am a curious creature I of course have to ask Jay how come..

Jay tells me; “I decided to make a new avatar when started up the new business with CisumWebzine. ZenMag never worked as an idea so I gave it up.
Now at CisumWebzine I do it all for pleasure instead of hoping for money.”

Me and Jay Hurikan (L) sitting on stage

“I went into this business with mine old employer Jénzine Magazine, an RL webzine that was coming inworld to check for artists.
My job was to search for musicians inworld.
When Jénzine Webzine more or less went off SL I got the idea I would create a webzine myself.”

His passion for music began at the age of 8th, when he was given an album of Guns n´ Roses™ from his cousin. In Real Life he likes metal, nu hard metal, and his favourite bands besides them are Silverschair™, Pantera™ and Bumblefoot™.
And he likes English pubs!

So there goes mine idea of him as a hip hop man in RL to the sky. **Liza is laughing**
NO rap in them ears of Jérémy, he tells me. Nono.

Jay Hurikan relaxes by playing drums in Real Life.
He has been a drummer since he bought his first one at the age of 19.
A 30 year old drum of ASAMA it was, he remembers^^ But his favourite drums are Pearl™.
“I have not been at stage before an audience ever, still a rookie on drums. Have played in several bands but never hit the stage. I tried to bring mine drums inside SL™, but it was too hard to stream them. Didn’t sound good enough, so I won´t. “
He also likes spending time with his friends and goes listen gigs.
And if he wants to feel really relaxed he sometimes takes some Temesta to relax.
That’s a medicine against anxiety.
“I don’t get that anymore, I used too few years ago though, but I still use the pills sometimes.”

“I try to be humble and respectful towards people, but sometimes it gets me into situations as the one a few weeks ago when I was proposed to by a man to come and rent land at his sim that was supposed to become a showcase sim in April.
I paid several thousand lindens in rent and then the guy banned me from the sim one week later when we were just set up and I didn’t get a refund.
I reported this to Linden’s but I don’t know what happened after this.
It’s a shame people like that are around. But I don’t think much upon it now.
I have laid it aside and moved forward.
The music venue and the webzine are working even better after this relapse so I don’t care anymore.”

Me in front of the Inworld HQ location of Cisum Webzine

Jay, or should I say Jérémy maybe, is facing same thing as the rest of us SL people are out there in RL, friends don’t understand why we are in this world.
His RL friends don’t come in world, they think of this as a computer game.

“When I get the RL Association it will be as any other company of RL and then maybe the attitude will change against CisumWebzine”.

It is RL as well as SL, that’s for sure.
Some of them musicians that have been on the stage are now signed up to real world labels. CisumWebzine always provide real musicians, there are people creating the sound behind their computers at every performance, no one streams a record and perform.
As Jay Hurikan loves real, this is an of course fact.

And he is not anyone else in his avatar either, its same guy both worlds always.
“I hate role-play and don’t like fake people.”

Jay on the run

SO what does he do in Second Life for relaxing in world then?
“I am far to busy with Cisum Magazine to do anything else in world.
This is what I find fun to do.
I used to DJ for a month or so to bring in some cash to the magazine, but to be awake till 7 for just to play some records and hardly even get tipped wasn’t worth it. It is fun to dj though.
I also worked as club manager for a month or so with a club, but the owner demanded too much and was asking for too much and fired me even if I was doing a good job.
I also started a mall, JLC Live Event, with some friends, that’s were CisumWebzine started, but since am not at all interested in fashion I broke free from one day to another.
This I do now is what I want to do. I don’t want to waste money or energy on things that doesn’t give me inner satisfaction.

“CisumWebzine I don’t mind spending between 200-400 Euros a month doing, and mine hope is that more sponsors wants to invest a little by little.
We do have DX Exchange™ sponsoring by paying the musicians of two events a month and promoting us on the SL grid, event is announced through 350 ads boards and we are considered as official partner on their website.
And we have other we work with as partners such as Moolto™ and Oi Magazine, but of course I hope for more investors. Till then I pay and it is fun and satisfaction for me to do this, so I don’t mind.”

Even if Jay doesn’t look too much at what other music webzines do in world he is surely checked out by them.
Last week a big one came to him and made some suggestions about cooperation.
But Jay won’t let anyone in on his webzine. “It’s my baby” as he puts it.

Jay prefers musicians from America or Australia or England more then French musicians but he have favored some good ones he found; Fran6 Parkin, oldwolf Criss, Lazy Mistwood, Cedric Morigi, Scofi Robson and Ofely Bluebird.

Us At the interview table

“We have about 50 musicians a week at our stage, and altogether there have been 70 different ones working with us since the start of CisumWebzine.”
Jay, or Jérémy, lives in south of France and he assists me when I sometimes make interviews for CisumWebzine on French artists by translating.
Now I get the explanation.
His master plan was to become a translator when he first went to University.

“I was planning to become a translator and I took classes in Spanish and English and History, but then I spent more time at the University Club then at mine books so now am doing this instead. Fixing events and running the magazine”.
“If I would describe myself with a few words it would be dedicated to music from very young age and very energetic into mine project CisumWebzine.”

Visit Cisum Webzine online at this URL:

Visit Cisum Webzine inworld at this SLURL :

Liza Veliz, reporting for Oi Magazine blog

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