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Scottius Polke's Lunamaruna

Sat 04/03/10

When I read the article in the last issue of our magazine about Scottius Polke and his Mushroom trip I couldn’t hold my self. I had to go and see with me own pixels and eyes.

It was so cool the mushroom trip, sitting on his desk at the Project Z gallery in the room where we feel so small made me think I wouldn’t mind being a muse sitting next to the drawer’s pen as this at all.
The feeling of being inside the room of Van Gogh at Ariel was there too.
Only thing I didn’t get was his trip with socks... smelly socks… knitted ones, so had to ask him in an IM.

scottius showing me around
Scottius showing me around

Scottius Polke IM's me back the following; “Hi Liza...when I created the room, I wanted it to have a somewhat messy feel. And what messy bedroom is complete without smelly socks lying around everywhere? :) The Van Gogh comparison refers to the style... using lots of lines and in some case a warped perspective, as well as the obvious reference to his own room.”

Then he sent me a note card of the next exhibition of his art!

His new project is an aquarium town up in space^^ There I was really inside of his paintings. YEAH.

strange fish came to look at me !
Strange fish came to look at me !

Yeeaaa,well I invited that fish for dinner ^^

Sitting by the fish fountain dipping me feet in the water, relaxing a bit listening the café music made by the radio chosen by the sim…. Ah ok... can not tell you who made the music but it sounds like café music in Berlin :)

Zachh Cale (project Z curator) really curates this fellow well!

At any moment I'm so glad I never tried mushrooms or any other drug.
To me this is pure fairy tail feeling, but I could so understand all potheads of Second Life® that maybe goes giggling through all this fire of colours and wrong, but still so right, perspectives of images.

And all the fish swimming around in the air blowing up to be bigger and bigger as they come closer to you… and that music….. All this makes you in really meditative mode…

The exhibition is said to be for meditation on the signs too…

erotical by scottius
Erotical by Scottius

And pure meditative it is... for sure…

I met up with Scottius a few days later at Lunamaruna and we spent a really nice afternoon in this fish town up in the space and he explained to me about this new trip of his^^
He told me me; “In builds like this and mushroom I am attempting to recapture the mood of my sketches, fishes just became the theme just like amoebas and moulds became the theme of the last one, however, where we are and what it means, I would like the viewer to interpret on their own.”

When I insist he tells me his own feeling ;

“To me this one is a mystery, something occurred here, and it is unclear what. As you wander around you find disturbances.
The control room, for an example, it is trashed, and there are bones.
Looking at the village from afar, it almost looks idyllic, but as you inspect closer things aren’t as they seem.
Basically I wanted the viewer to feel like they had stepped into another world, both in space and style, to be able to walk through an illustration.
Also want them to feel part of it, to be able to sit, jump, kick the cans, and ride the creatures.”

Which part of this exhibition is Scottius' favourite, I then wondered.
Scottius Polke went like; “hmmmm let me think.”
Then he walks me over to the store beside the fountain where a big fish is sitting on a rocking chair and continues; “I like "Grumpy McGil" on the rocking chair!”
BTW the whole exhibition is bit influenced by Dr Seuss. Did I need to mention that? **Liza smiles**

As it is right now Scottius cannot ride his creature himself but soon he will make pose balls for tiny ones too.
He has made tiny t-shirts though for the exhibition and he shows me one wearing it himself and with his bubble pipe. Then we danced to the cool music!

dancing with amoubas
Dancing with amoubas

As we were having fun Zachh came, and I get the story about them two!
Zachh and Scottius have known each others since 2008. They met at an opening for an exhibition of someone else and were joking together for an evening.
Then Zachh went to one of Scottius' exhibitions and became hooked on to his art!
That was the start of their friendship! Good start!
Ever since then they have been working together inside Second Life with exhibitions of Scottius' art.
This one made Show Case this week!
Visit Scottius' Lunamaruna at this SLURL

Liza Veliz, reporting for Oi Magazine blog

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