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Shanghai World Expo 2010; Liza Veliz interviews Bryn Oh

Fri 05/21/10

Second Life™ has made a contribution of machinimas from our world to the EXPO 2010™; the world fair of art, taking place in Shanghai in China May till October. In Real Life you find Second Life contribution in The Air Tree™ at Madrid Pavilion where the Expo for the first time ever shows machinimas.

Bryn Oh - portrait

Bryn Oh is the curator of this contribution in world and one of the artists.

She built three of the five Sims that are shown in the machinimas, together with ColeMarie Soleil and Soror Nishi. Glyph Graves and Marcus Inkpen built the remaining two, one Sim each. The avatar Aino Baar (in RL Spanish art director Cristina García-Lasuén owner of Open This End – a SL group that works for combining virtual reality with RL) is the person who came up with this idea and managed to get Second Life into the art fair and she gave Bryn Oh the responsibility of being curator of the event in world.

I wanted to know more about Bryn Oh so we meet at “No Colour Island” at Utopia3, one of the five Sims Linden Lab™ donated to Bryn for the exhibition.

Bryn Oh - Rabbits

Bryn Oh is a living artwork; a walking, talking, creating, machinima, pixel to soul poetry.

She is created from the mind of a Canadian Oil Painter. This painter went on to study Softimage™ and Zbrush™ to learn more. As the painter discovered 3D and Second Life, Bryn Oh™ was born.

“This is a great medium for me. In my first life I am an oil painter but I had some ideas that I couldn't do in oil paint, so when I found Second Life I found a place where I could make these stories.”

“Some of my themes are of robots that are in love with humans. They are all mostly about just things in my life, but I switch them to be about robots and people. Underneath I guess they are about me, but I hide that a bit. Everything I make is somewhat a diary. See, for me, I am the robot sometimes in my first life. I have a hard time to tell things to people if I am in love or angry. Some are about wanting unconditional love. Love you read about in stories. Only my robots look for it. They seek it out and the humans take it for granted.”

Bryn Oh has her own Sim called Immersiva, donated by Dusan Writer, where she exposes her beautiful self.

So far she has had success as a real life artist, as well as virtual, in many exhibitions out world; Nuit Blanche™ in Paris last year, Through the Virtual Looking Glass™ in April all around the world, and now at Expo 2010 Shanghai in China in The Pavilion of Madrid.

Even if she tells me she wont exists anymore if the first life of her would shadow her as Bryn Oh she herself the avatar has an impact and is affecting the First Life of her.

Daughter of Gears and Rabbicorn

“I do make encaustic music box insects; some were shown in a Boston Gallery last month. They are influenced by second life. I can show you a short video of them.”

She hands me the link with the words

“This is the music box works Liza. The movie shows how they work”.

“My creations within Bryn Oh are very melancholic and sad. They are about being disposed of or becoming obsolete. They are robots who look for love while humans take this for granted.”

She smiles a bit and adds

“She is a “coffee filter” for my mind.”

“One reason I don’t involve my First Life identity with Bryn Oh is that perhaps my family would become worried if they read into my narratives. The other reason is that Bryn Oh lives her own life and she develops her own ways and I don’t want to ruin this by letting people focus on my Real Life. You can believe in Bryn Oh as a character if I am not connected. You can believe in the marionette as long as you don’t see someone controlling it. Once you see that person the suspension of disbelief is gone.”

So far she succeeds in this. Not even the Press Centre of Shanghai Expo 2010 is revealing the true identity of the creator of Bryn Oh.

What is this Sim “No Colour” about to you?

"For me it has its own meaning. I place different narratives around. One is of the Owl and Mouse™, another is of some rabbits whose story I am still writing. The third and final is a build called Vessels Dream™ which is about fading memories and the desire to recede from society to find solitude.

The overall theme of the five World Expo islands is based off of a narrative written by Aino Baar. Each island is missing something. This island is missing colour. When you whisper a wish to the tree the idea is that colour returns. This is shown by my shopping carts turning into the trees of Soror Nishi by a script created by Desdemona Enfield."

"The shopping carts are a symbol to me of a disappeared society. In my work they often are left strewn about like bones of animals. The people are gone who shopped with them, yet there is almost an echo of families talking, children laughing and bustle."

Bryn Oh spreads before me on the ground some of her poems.

“This will help you get an idea of my work”

It’s the Rabbicorn™ Story, The story of the Daughter of Gears™, Angler Girl™ and poems about pixel life and love inside Second Life.

Liza in the lap of Steel Moon Heart

Bryn Oh creates her story from poems into exhibitions, machinima´s and books.

The Rabbicorn and the Daughter of Gears characters are beneath one of the streetlights of this world where the soil is of metal and shopping carts are everywhere. It is an abandoned world, like a big metal churchyard.

There is a book on the second part of the story, but the first one is only in poems, machinimas at YouTube™ and™ and in world. Bryn Oh tells me the third part of this story will be made on a Sim for IBM™ in October 2010.

The story is very sad. The Rabbicorn is made by a scientist who then gives her to a man for his boy’s birthday. All the other robots made at this time are soldiers meant for war, but the Rabbicorn is made with the ability to think and feel emotions. At the end of this boy’s life Scientists arrive to capture the fabled Rabbicorn and the old boy tells her to flee. He realizes that the scientists only wish to take her apart to see what’s within. Later on her trip she meets the Daughter of Gears. In Bryn's words "A mother has a sick daughter. Her daughter is slowly dying and the mother can not bear to lose her. As her daughter's life begins to depart she transfers her daughter’s soul into the body of a machine so that she will remain. The people from around hear of her rebirth into a machine and believe the daughter to be an abomination. A mob comes to the tower where they live to take the daughter away from her. The mother will never let them do this and brings her daughter to the top. The mob eventually arrives and she fights them like a mother would. In her fury and fear she defeats them, but is mortally wounded. As she lay dying she realizes that when she is gone her Daughter will live alone and lonely for eternity. As an outcast. Upon her mothers death the daughter of gears goes into stand-by mode much like a computer does. In her stand-by she forever relives the memories of her mother."

At the landing point at the beach of this island the first thing you see is an owl and a mouse dragging a steel moon after them. The big moon carries a gramophone within her heart that plays an old song about love and romance. You can sit in the lap of her heart and listen to this tune. I Liza love this. It is my favourite place in my world of pixels right now.

Bryn Oh (by Liza Veliz)

"That sculpture is called Mouse drawn Owl and they are characters with a narrative. Many of my sculptures have stories hidden inside them and this one does as well. If you click inside the owl’s chest it will play this poem.

They escaped the test lab without a sound

Over dead leaves and past the Robo Hounds

Fleeing nothing felt

And conveyor belts

A mouse on rusted wheels

An Owl programmed to feel

Knowing of a concept called free

And attaching it to the Sea

They both are robots created in a laboratory. Each was programmed to feel emotion. They flee that cold place and search for freedom. But for them the meaning of freedom is only from an overheard conversation about a vacation by the sea."

First thing to do when you visit this exhibition is to click the big sign at the landing point. You will then get a note card with directions on how to change your sky settings so you can see the worlds as Bryn Oh intended you to do. Next thing is to watch carefully the surroundings. And search for things. Bryn Oh loves to hide stuff from you. In the black structure behind the hill on opposite side of this island you will find Vessel’s Dream™. Here you must use your camera to get it all. Same trick goes for most of Bryn Oh´s art. Check the YouTube and her own website. She is instructive in showing how to get into the goodies to explore in her machinimas.

Did I mention the Whisper Tree? That’s what is common in each Sim and it is based upon an old legend with the same name. I assume you know that machinima is video created in 3D with avatars in virtual world.

No Colour Island

Video from the Sim No Colour; Stay with me

Poems mentioned in the text; Daughter of Gears story Rabbicorn

Some of the poetry Bryn Oh lay out on the ground; Willow™ Angler Girl irrevocably™ Vessels Dream Condo’s in Heaven™

A poem I Liza love; 26 tines™

The machinima shown at World Expo 2010; Bryn Oh – World Expo Shanghai Shown in the Madrid Pavilion

Bryn Oh blog

Reporting for PressPass,my name is Liza Veliz
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The Hidden Romania

Tue 05/18/10

This is an article about the country Romania told by the real person behind one of SL's avatar who lives there in real life.
She also uses her own pictures to make it even more unique!
The avatar's name is reporter,Marrie Helendale
Enjoy :)


I will start by asking you what comes into your mind when you hear this country’s name? Still thinking?... Maybe you have heard of Dracula, Transylvania, Bucharest, People’s House, Hagi, Mutu, Nadia Comaneci… Here is Romania how I see it
I start this virtual tour  from the same location I started my first life journey: Brasov. As I was born in a mountain medieval town. I’ve always been attracted to such places and thank God there are plenty in my country.
I love this city, it’s old style buildings and it’s calm. You don’t see the rush like in big crowded cities and can enjoy the view of snowy or green mountains even from the window. A curiosity of this city: it has the narrowest street in Eastern Europe. No wonder why I missed it all the time when I was looking for it, but after a long search finally I found it. Woot!
A good weekend trip is a hike on the surrounding mountains (Piatra Mare Mountain) or through the forest path till Poiana Brasov, a winter resort where ski fans come. I tried once to take skiing lessons, but the falls made me head to the skating rink.
From a place called “Belvedere”, on the road side to Poiana Brasov this time, there’s a lovely view of the city and can observe the old citadel up on the hill and its fortifications, now known as the old town.
The most popular place in Brasov is “Piata Sfatului” (Council Square), which has its name from the old city hall in the center, and “Biserica Neagra” (Black Church), an old Gothic church which got its name cause it has burned and it was all covered in black smoke. A similar destiny had “Turnul Negru” (Black Tower).  This is the place where all the people have a rest after a shopping session either sitting by the fountain or at a cafe's terrace enjoying a flavored cup of coffee,  a beer  or an ice cream.

Brasov picture 2

Time to jump into the car, fasten seat belts and hit the roads. Next stop: Bran. On our way there we pass through Rasnov where we can  observe the fortress from up on the left hill. When I visited the fortress I was touched at the sight of a cage which you could say it’s a birds cage, but it’s dimensions say it was not, but rather a prisoner’s cage. Of course in SL I’ve seen plenty of those, but the feel is different when seeing a real one.
Bran. The name does not say much, isn’t it? Just wait we go forth a bit and wonders will be vanished when the great castle arises in front. Also known as Dracula’s castle this was actually the home of Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler. He is known by this name cause he used to be very cruel to the thieves and traitors whom he used to torture and kill by hanging them on spikes. Bloody, isn’t it? Well he inspired Bram Stoker to write the book which we all know.
From here we continue the trip to Sibiu, which I like to say it’s Brasov’s twin brother cause they are much alike. Of course this is my opinion, others may not share it. Anyways…
Sibiu, since 2007, is known as an European Cultural Capital. Each year here are taking part different art events. I chose to go with my buddies to the ArtMania rock music Festival. If you come with your sweetheart in Sibiu, don’t make promises on “Podul Minciunilor” (Lies Bridge), but ask a local citizen to tell you the story of it.
And cause I mentioned of festivals, one very popular is the Medieval Festival from the beautiful citadel Sighisoara, where the shining armor knights still meet the princesses, the troubadours charm with their songs, the painters reveal pretty portraits and scenery, and the merchants lure you to buy their old style souvenirs. And cause you are in the 21th century there are some modern influences like the rock concerts and the youngsters gather around  guitar guys  playing folk or rock songs. Eeeh, memories...  /me smiles
Back on Earth. We are in Sibiu and we go North-West  now, to Alba Iulia.
On our way we’ll have a stop to Sarmisegetuza Regia, the oldest fortress in Romania, from where Romania’s history began with our ancesters the Dacians. Now there are only a few rocks reminding of what once was and like any fortress they are well guarded by the mountains. To see them, must endure a one hour trip on foot on a forest path. Sarmisegetuza is now one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites along with Sigisoara, medieval fortified churches of Transylvania, painted monasteries of Bucovina and wooden churches of Maramures.
After the Roman wars in 101-102 and 105-106 the Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana, the Roman citadel arised not very far from here, in the valley.
Alba Iulia has also a very important place in our history. Here is where the actual Romania was born as a country by the union of the Romanian regions. The town still has a scent of old, coming from the star shaped fortress, the cathedrals and the Union National Museum, where Romania’s “birth certificate” was signed.
Not far from Alba Iulia there are Rametiului Gorges (“Cheile Rametiului”), a beautiful and mystical scenery only for the eyes of those who dare to face a rough way till there. This is the reason I mentioned of the “hidden” Romania, cause many beauties are hard to reach and not many mention about them.
Rametiului Gorges aren’t the only ones in Romania. Other great gorges are “Cheile Bizacului” and “Cheile Nerei”. We will continue our trip heading to the Nera’s Gorges with one stop to Corvin’s Castle.
A medieval castle, not as luxurious as Peles Castle from Sinaia, but majestic and much older, Corvin’s Castle (“Castelul Corvinestilor” or “Castelul Huniazilor”) takes you back in time wishing you were walking around the noblemen and court ladies.

Corvin's Castle

From Corvin’s Castle our road crosses Resita, an industrial town where the first steam locomotive was built. Now it is sitting on a pedestal in the Locomotive Museum. You cannot miss it as you can see it from the car too. I decided to stop though and take a closer look.
Finally arrived at Nera’s Gorges, a wild place and great for adventures in the nature. Pitty I didn’t have the time for them cause the place is vast and can’t cover it all in one day. I still could see the Beusnita Waterfall which I was unlucky to see it dry cause of the lack of rains, but still gorgeous. It made me think of a rainforest. All the way, on the other side of the gorges there is Devil’s Lake (“Lacul Dracului”), of a fascinating blue-green water color and known with this name due to the legend which goes like this:
Once upon a time… there was a prince and a beautiful princess…. Oh bummer, that’s not the right story. Hehe. It actually goes like this:
It is said that the devil himself drown in that lake after a bet he made with a peasant / shepherd who was feeding the goats on a meadow nearby. The devil bet that the peasant couldn't fry a fish and stop it from bending. The peasant accepted with the condition that the devil fries him a goat head without making it to grin. The devil accepts the dare. So our peasant takes the fish and shoves a stick into the fish, then fries it and the fish remains straight. When his turn comes, the devil puts a goat's head on a stick to fry it and after a while the mouth stretches and lets the teeth show. Out of anger, the devil jumped in the lake.
Another local legend says that the lake has no bottom and it has many underground tunnels and those who dare to swim in it, are never coming back. I saw a tv show about that place and there were some divers who tried their luck though. They didn’t die, but they said the lake is dangerous so don’t try your luck in it.
Nature is in the same time gracious, strange and also dangerous. I like a lot to go on trips in the nature and Romania is gifted with all sorts of reliefs. From high mountains to the Delta Danube and sea shore. Most of my trips are on the mountains though and Bucegi is the most visited. I also been visiting Piatra Mare, Ciucas and Piatra Craiului. A strange place is represented by the Mud Volcanos from Berca, Buzau County.
There are many natural reservations and one is in Bucegi. There you may see some wild splendors like crocuses, edelweiss, black goats, bears, etc. Beware though of the bears, they have also become citizens of the near towns. They came down from the mountains looking for food and sometimes trashing and attacking tourists’ tents and camps. I was lucky be in the car when I passed near a momma bear and her cub. If I were on foot I think I would have fainted, a pretty good way to play dead J.
And speaking of food, this time for humans, a few Romanian traditional food I like are “ciorba de perisoare” (meatball sour soup), “ciorba de burta” (beef belly soup), “mititei” or “mici” (meat rolls on barbeque), “varza calita” (cabbage dish) and papanasi (a specialty of donuts with sourcream and jam). A custom of country people is to eat bacon with onion and drink “tuica” or “palinca” (brandy most times made from plums) as an appetitive at breakfast or in the short breaks from the hard peasant’s work. In most places in Transylvania you find yummy kurtos kalacs. It’s a Hungarian specialty though, cause there are large Hungarian communities. The rest of the specialties I will let you discover yourself.

Ciucas Mount

When you come in Romania you won’t be very pleased of the roads and if you are the driver you will have quite an adventure, but one not to be missed is Transfagarasan. It is spectacular due to it’s altitude and difficulty. It crosses the highest mountains in Romania (Fagaras Mountains) which makes it the highest road too (at around 2000 meters). Have a break at Balea Lake and enjoy the view, from here the road looks like a snake crawling. Mind it’s closed in winter time due to the snow danger, so you won’t have any surprises.

Nera's Gorges - Devil's Lake

Sarmisegetuza - Ulpia Traiana

Here ends my virtual tour for now. I hope you enjoyed the trip and if you wish to hear more stories, you may find me inworld or better have them told by a local on a trip in Romania.

Multumesc (that is thank you)
Feel free to comment :)

Reporting for Press Pass Media, my name is Marrie Helendale

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A Look Into The Cool Viewer

Mon 05/17/10

Are you hesitant of downloading the latest SL Viewer from Linden Labs 2.0?
Hearing the negative comments spoken by current users?
Are you a current user of the latest SL Viewer 2.0?
Tired of the learning curve and new layout of it? Well, have I got news for you. I received a notice from the Starwalkers Group written by Ellendir Khandr on the latest viewer called Cool Viewer.

Now, I have been one of those resistant to upgrading from my version 1.20.
Call me crazy, but hearing all those talk about loosing items made me hug my inventory so tight you would have to tie me down kicking to upgrade.
The reason for my upgrading, honestly, was the new feature allowing your shoes to be worn without an invisprim.


Now, with the Cool Viewer you need to have the Linden Labs Second Life (LLSL) Viewer 1.23 installed on your computer already. Do not remove this. If you don't have this version, but an older one (like I did), you do need to upgrade to it.
Once you have, or if you have, 1.23, you download the Cool Viewer and install it.
This executable file will install into your Second Life program file and basically lie on top of the LLSL Viewer.
To download and install the LLSL Viewer 1.23 use this link -
To read about and install Cool Viewer use this link -
Now this link has all the information you need to read about and install versions for Windows and Linux.
If you want to install for Mac OS use this link -

Area Search

Now you are wondering why you should do this. Well, to put it simply, the Cool Viewer will turn the LLSL Viewer 1.23 into the LLSL Viewer 2.0 and best part will be the same viewer layout as 1.23.
So, no big learning curve to find where everything is.
The layout of your search, inventory, communication, preferences is the same.
Now, there are a few new layout features.
For instance, at the bottom menu bar your groups, friends, snapshot and build options now have a spot there. Also, the inventory search is more expansive and there is a built in radar. Also, in the inventory tab, not only do you have your standard inventory list and recent items tab, but you also have a worn items tab - this makes it easier to see what you're wearing without having to type worn in the inventory tab search.
Now, this is just a short preview of all the information and I highly recommend you visiting to learn more.

Animated Radar

Another feature is the implementation of RestrainedLove features which are disabled by default so you won't notice any difference with a "normal" viewer till you enable them manually.
RestrainedLove is aimed at BDSM fans in SL who wish to enhance their experience by letting other people (such as their owners) take control of some of their abilities.
In order to use its features, the Dom/me has to operate items (typically restraints) that the sub wears, but only the sub needs to use this viewer in that situation.
To learn more about this feature, please use the following link -

Animated Preferences

Hope this helps in providing another option to using the latest features of the LLSL Viewer 2.0 without actually using it.

*Note: All pictures provided from the Cool Viewer website at *

Ty for reading, my name is Jen Tafler, reporting for Press Pass Media

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Club Surge Grand Opening and 12 hour RFL Event!

Fri 05/14/10

Live Music Stage at Club Surge

On Tuesday, May 11 Club Surge opened their doors for a grand opening party.
The club, owned by business owner/entrepreneur Scorpinosis Nightfire, made a grand gesture and donated all proceeds from their 12 hour event to The Relay for Life (RFL) Charity Organization.
In the 12 hour period, Club Surge and their staff and guests raised over L$20K. Even the scheduled DJs donated their time to this wonderful event in support of The RFL.
The DJs who donated their time were Cupcake Aero, Silvercloud Destiny, Layandria Sweetwater, Ired Runningbear, Demoneka Daehlie and Nani Xue.

Scorpinosis Nightfire and Nani Xue

The opening day was led by DJ Cupcake, rocking tunes from country to rock and dance to Top 40 music. In attendance was none other than Scorpinosis himself and host Nani Xue.
Club Surge is open to all types of music, making this location a great place to listen and support all forms of music.

The layout is open and bright, an inviting space with a runway type dance floor.
The outer areas support local businesses but keeping it to a minimum.
This helps with lag issues while you are partying. : )
There is a stage to one side, also making this a great place for the live music scene.

DJ Cupcake and event attendees

A bit about the Relay for Life organization.
This organization is the American Cancer Society's signature fund raising activity.
In both worlds, it offers people to come together in an opportunity to bring awareness, much needed funds and support in the fight against one of the world's biggest health concerns, Cancer.
In Second Life, this annual event takes place in July each year bringing volunteers to form teams to have fun and walk a track just like in Real Life, meet those in similar situations, share and raise awareness and fund raise to provide funding for Cancer research and supporting programs for those living with or taking care of someone with Cancer.
In 2009, The Relay for Life campaign raised $274,000 for the American Cancer Society.
As well, there we participants from over 26 countries taking part in this campaign in 2009, making it an international movement. And now with the bridged gap between Second Life and Real Life, this event is a historical achievement.

To learn more about the Relay for Life organization in Real Life and to find out how you can help, please visit
In Second Life, please visit

Airshot of Club Surge and shopping district

Biography on Mr. Scorpinosis Nightfire.
Owner of NightFire Entertainment, a entertainment, branding, marketing and public relations company. Nightfire Entertainment is the parent company for Club Surge, Club Olympia, The Success in Life Owners' Alliance, Spotlight TV, The DJ Nation, Club Cleopatra's and Nu Vibez Magazine.
All forms of media including film, music, literature, goods and services are presented in both Second Life and Real Life.
Nightfire Entertainment has a local Second Life office for in-world representation.
Here is the SLURL

My name is Jen Tafler, reporting for Press Pass Media

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Exploring Musicians in SL™ with Nathalie Ember !

Mon 05/03/10

Hey gang! Nathalie your addicted shopper here to ask you a question..., What are you doin' tonight??...Don't know?, Not sure?.....
What are you waiting for? Put on that "posh frock" and let's go dance!
Let's go to one of those clubs that are specialists in presenting SL musicians performing on their stages.
If you haven't noticed, a new musical industry is here. It's growing fast. SL Musicians. They are here now. They are here to stay.

Ok, you're ready?...Looking fabulous? Now, where to!........Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Zak Claxton. He has been in business a while now and recently released an album on December 11 2009.
Zak is the American type of folk singer who does really well in the Second Life virtual setting.
His experience drove him to record those songs he played everywhere on SL stages.
Learn more about Zak at his website:

Zak Claxton

On the European side of SL is now a great guy who works very hard.
This guy, Jay Hurikan, is the owner of a company called Cisum Webzine, whose full interview we previously published right here at Oi Magazine blog (see our archives)
At Cisum, Jay, with some great sponsors like DXExchange, OI Magazine, Moolto and several others are presenting four shows a day from 10 am SLT to 6 pm SLT.
Some very talented artists have walked on stage there to do their life performance.
Cisum guarantees fees for the artists for some great special events. Geos Copperfield, Elvina Carlucci, Ciske Crumb, RB Hamelin, Chapman Zane... Yeah!, so much music all on the same sim.
Since April, Cisum has extended their hours from 10am to 6pm .
Hope you will enjoy it, Jay said with fire in his eyes, " I suggest you to have a visit at Cisum on the sim an get dancing while attending a great life performance"

Cisum Webzine

Here are a couple of ladies that are truly my "faves", Lazy Mistwood (LazynOva) and Foxylady Pegasi. They were forming a beautiful duet, the softness of their voice brought fresh air to my ears.
They represent the new generation of SL musicians.
I suggest you give them a listen at:
I'm betting these two will have a great career as on SL and in real life.
"Let's go girls.....we are behind you and need you on SL. SL fans need some heros as well as we need in real life!"...Opps,..hehe..I love these gals!

LazynOva and Foxilady

Chapman Zane is another great one I like a lot.
With his great folk music and ballads he really knows how to makes you enter in his world. His melodic voice and his "pickin" just puts me into orbit!.
Chap released his first album in 2007 titled "Other Side Of My Heart", soon to be available on SL. Other Side Of My Heart is an eclectic mix of acoustic and electric jangle.
In February 2010, Chap will begin work on his second album, code named "Moonbow".
With the gracious and beautiful Ceithlan by his side, Chapman is performing on different stages on SL, always offering night after night a really great entertaining show.

Chapman Zane

OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo started singing when she was very young and she admitted being in music has brought her all the fun she needs to survive.
Every time she is on a stage she give all she can to provide her best performances.
Pure music, that is what she is made for.
She is offering, for your pleasure, a large amount of cover songs from several artists.
You can find her myspace at

OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo

Mack Humbridge is a great rock guitarist.
Born in the Central USA he knows how to make his guitar sing classic, modern and bluesy rock like hell.! You won't believe your ears.
I highly suggest that you stop by to hear him and dance dance dance and rock all night long.
I love him!

Mack Humbridge

Some recent studies report that people are at their computer for more hours then they are watching television every day.
Looks like the Internet is here to stay and it can be a real showcase for established and upcoming musicians.

Reporting for PressPass blog, my name is Nathalie Ember