Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tiny Products mean Big Business for Peaches Latrell

September 2, 2010

 Peaches Latrell's Lilliput Store

With long experience as a Tiny in Second Life®, Peaches Latrell has seen the beginnings of the Tiny culture and helped to expand on its influence. As she created products that she personally desired, she discovered others interested in her creations. With the opening of her store and later projects, Peaches has founded many various areas in Tiny society that will prove exciting in the future.

Peaches Lattrel wearing some of her designs.

A Tiny for almost four years now, Peaches began creating her own dresses and accessories due to the lack of variety in clothing available at the time. This urge toward innovation has helped Peaches throughout her career as a content creator in Second Life. As friends enjoyed her clothing, she decided to open her own store, Lilliput. She continues:

“Lilliput products have always been things that I wanted for myself and couldn't find. For example, back in 2006 I created SL's first rideable horse for Tinies because I wanted one! Everything in my shop is something that I wanted or needed for myself, so I guess you could say that my own tastes and desires are my inspiration.”

Peaches wearing a dress of her own design.

Her products, including the horse, outdoor furniture, and clothing, have become popular in Tiny areas such as Raglan Shire. As her business has expanded, she recently opened a new and bigger Lilliput. In addition to her current products available at the original store, she will soon offer many more products:

“I have started to focus more on my tiny animations and am working on some new tiny dance sequences along with my rl/sl husband Apollo Kronos. Also in the works is a new furniture line and some posh, trendy clothing. Another exciting project that I am currently working on is a collaboration with the makers of RendeZvous - Avatar Animation & Mobility Technology. We are experimenting with a Tinies version to add to their current family of products which includes their wildly popular couples’ animator for humans.” 

Having been in Tiny society for quite awhile, Peaches has seen the changes in Tiny culture, as well as trends in fashion. When asked what upcoming trends she sees in Tiny fashion, Peaches responded:

“One welcome trend that I have seen growing in the Tiny community is more diversity in general. Many new designers are representing styles like punk, goth, trendy casual, etc. This is a huge improvement over the days when our choices revolved around big frilly dresses or t-shirts. While I do still enjoy wearing a fancy dress, a girl likes to have wardrobe options! My male friends have also expressed appreciation for the growing selection they have in fashion. Male clothing and accesories have traditionally been an underserved market in SL and male Tinies have expressed appreciation for all of the new designers and styles.”

Inside Lilliput

While Tiny fashion is becoming more varied, much of the fashion is very similar, especially Tiny shoes. Peaches states that she would love to see more “hair options and more shoes.” Indeed, this is happening as more people like Peaches become involved in the world of Tiny fashion.

Perhaps her most exciting new venture is Tinywood, a new sim influenced by Hollywood. Peaches is a big fan of movies in real life, and so this influence was a natural one for her. Although the sim has not yet opened, Peaches describes some features of the new sim:

“We will have Tinywood Boulevard for our shops and attractions, including my new main shop Madame Latrell's Wax Museum, Grauman's Tinese Theatre, an Ottertorium, and even Frederick's of Tinywood which is a fun tongue-in-cheek venture. Lining the streets of Tinywood Blvd will, of course, be the Paws of Fame display with the names, pawprints and pictures of tiny visitors and friends. Everyone will be a superstar in Tinywood!

The Lilliput Miniature Horse

“Aside from the shops, we are creating faux, interactive movie lots where Tinies can jump into famous scenes for picture-taking fun. Some of the first ones will include an 'I'm the King of the World!' scene, Tiny Kong, Gone with the Prim and some more fun surprises. We have fun contests planned for the community including 'Build Your Own Set' with a rotating, specific movie genre.”

In addition to the shops and movie lots, Tinywood will also include its own television studio, where Tinywood shows will be produced and later published on Youtube. Other attractions will be the Music Hall of Fame and Tinywood Bowl. Tinies will surely find many fun activities in Tinywood.

One of the features of Tinywood will be Sweet Pea’s, Peaches’ Tiny bakery. Her first creations can be viewed already at Lilliput, but they will soon find a new home in Tinywood. When asked her inspiration for the bakery, Peaches responded:

“I created Sweet Pea's when my friend LittleBlackDuck Lindsay asked me to make some tiny food for his cafes in The Nation of Victoriana and its tiny sim Tinytoriana. I enjoyed it so much and had such a favorable response from customers that I have decided to expand my menu and make the shop a permanent fixture in Tinywood.”

Although a new Lilliput store and the Tinywood sim would be enough for some, Peaches also has plans for another new project, Muse Isle Productions and Tinywood Studios. This is a joint venture with her friend, JenzZa Misfit, owner of the Muse Isle sims. After working together on a wedding gift video for a friend, both decided to produce more. They have several movies in the works, including Harespray. They will be shooting their videos at the new Tinywood studios and at scenic locations throughout Muse Isle. The friends’ first collaborative effort, “A Very Tiny Wedding Thriller Dance in Second Life® - Michael Jackson Tribute,” can be found on Youtube. Their mutual enjoyment in the productions will surely come through in their upcoming movies.

As Tiny society has grown, Peaches Latrell has shown a creativity and ingenuity that has added to the unique character of the Tinies. Beginning out of necessity, Peaches’ work has helped others enjoy their Second Life.

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Press Pass Reporter
Satori Marat

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