Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catsecret Domains: Eroticism and Mystery

October 10, 2010

I went to a mysterious place the other day: a Paradise made for lovers. There were houses to rent, role plays to be involved in, lots of romantic spots, a special island for only women and one for couples, a bikers sim and the mysterious 0h Train sim for special eroticism adventures on your own or with someone. And all over the place is offered spots for eroticism. Did I mention it is an adult sim?

Press Pass Reporter Liza Veliz meets CATSECRET Solo.
CATSECRET® is a well known phenomena in RL. It is an project by an author that writes very special erotic novels and has done so for many years in papers all over France and the UK. Since it is online it is read all over the world. And many try to copy and turn it into porn, but they remain blank wannabes. There is only one CATSECRET and that one is hard to reveal.

And now we can enjoy this in Second Life® since one year ago.

CATSECRET Solo (as his avatar) invited us to his Second Life domains with romanticism and “eroticism games.” He is very generous with pose balls in beds as well as in baths and dances and much more.

Hookers are not welcome though. He is not interested in sex business.

“I made this domain for romantic lovers!” he tells me with emphases. “I don't involve in escort.” He is clearly a bit "irritated" by the question if he is ever troubled by call-girls using his domain. And no, he has not spotted any so far, but they will get banned if he does. (So it's clear. Don't even think of that... no way!)
CATSECRET and Liza Veliz at the Haunted Doghouse with Rottweilers and Zombies.
It is not all about romance and sex pleasure in this place. There is also an haunted house with rottweilers biting you if you try to enter, and wild zombies inside. On the upper floor there is a bed for pleasure and romance. I guess  everyone get their taste of being satisfied here. And there is a bikers area, where creators sell their bikes and Role Play. There I was bitten by zombies that looked like robots. Underneath this entrance level there is a hidden fighting arena.

The CATSECRET domain consists of visible and invisible areas. All secured by an effective system that ejects you in  seconds if you are not on the allowed list. 

The Oh Train
To get to the RP area and the not public areas you must be a member.

Ophelie is one of his novel characters. She searched for sex knowledge in the BDSM art. The 0h Tram takes you around her world, and if you are lucky she will appear. Yes, there is a woman who does Ophelia in this world, but she is not following any manuscript.

“She is a free woman,” CATSECRET Solo tells me.

On his website you can read all the novels. (5000 readers right now)
and in his Press Articles on (over 30,000 readers)

It all started in 2007 at where he first published his writing
and then also on
All his novels have a femme as the lead character. He sees himself as a cat. He calls himself a medium who tells the story from a female's point of view. Always.

And why?

“Because I am a cat,” he tells me and I can almost hear him smile. Even if we are on chat and not on voice.

It is not about sex this, it is about so much more, he tells me. But when I try to compare him with Mapplethorpe, who let his photographs use sex for semantics and yet still tells so much more, he is not amused. Not at all. 
Victorian Guard Castle
I ask him if the Second Life edition of CATSECRET is his way of bringing his stories to life. No, he tells me I am wrong there too.

"CATSECRET is a place where my readers can come together with me and talk and socialize," he explains.

He is French, but with a true love for America since his youth. He loves to dance and is very romantic. All over the Catsecret Domains there are dances. He is not condemning anyone for what they might like and will provide all you can think of, including erotic flowers that cuddle you in sensual ways! Never saw that one before. Still he claims the BDSM is the soft version here. So no roasted girls for dinner is to be expected then, I guess. He never answered this question.

His domain is called part 1 and part 2. Part 1 with Domain of Catsecret (&) Catsecret 0h Train he built himself, or rather decorated it with things he bought, but Part 2 is another story. That is the Catsecret Bikers Track where Amphibian Beebe & Vikiy Vella bikes are showing their creations in vendors. (On the Catsecret 0h Train sim there are two other biker creator vendors to be found; Jonsky Foxtrot & Detra Devin bikes.) Catsecret Bikers Track is a Role Play area but of course you find little houses and spots for  romanticism and eroticism here too.

In this place I run into robot zombies that tried to bite me. They surrounded me in the upper level of this sim but CATSECRET Solo teleported me to “safety” in the invisible area underneath this where the Role Play arena for fighting is located. Since I wear no weapons or shield we only took a quick look. Then we went to the Catsecret Romantic park with lovely  caves all over.

Finally we reached the 0h Train sim.

I took a seat in the 0h Tram and was starting to think of The Story of O, the famous BDSM novel.

When I tell CATSECRET this he tells me he very much enjoyed Story of O.

You get the hang of it, I think.

If you want to delve into fantasies for one afternoon or more, then you better become friends with this man. He only invites people he knows and likes. Others are allowed only in the public access area. Which is nice too. Still not so thrilling as the 0h Train sim.  For me that is.

CATSECRET is a member of Moolto and of Press Pass. He understands the importance of promotion and works himself as an illustrator and writer at RL magazines as well as editor of one Moolto magazine, CATSECRET@ Magazine SL - Pussycatsecret Girls.

If you wish to enter his world and get a taste then use the following slurl

and check out his writings in the links mentioned above.

But be aware that if you google this, always check the spelling of every name of Cats you run into.
The correct names of his cats is found on his website
Because he has some characters he made, but there are copycats who try to ride on his soft eroticism and use it for their own interests. If you see a porn girl offer you her tits and ass in a site you thought was his, you are being fooled and then will know you went to a copycat site.

The line between porn and eroticism is as thin as ever when it comes to CATSECRET. It is still there.

Thanks for following me on this trip by reading this.

Press Pass Media reporter
Senior Writer Liza Veliz