Saturday, February 4, 2012

Presenting Lana Simondsen-Eleonara, Curator Of LA Gallery of Fine Arts™

Saturday February 4th 2012

LA Gallery of Fine Arts logo

Lana is the owner and curator of LAGallery of Fine Arts™ a truly beautiful build situated in Myrtle Cove, which I had the privilege to see for myself when I visited Lana and was not only given a tour of LA Gallery but her amazing home as well. Lana talks about her beginning in Second Life™ and her early days before LA Gallery

‘I joined Second Life in August of 2008. A friend told me about how he had lost his wife to a computer game called Second Life. He was half joking but, then he explained what Second Life was and I was curious so came to explore. What an amazing thing this has been! ‘

‘Before I opened LA Gallery I just explored, met people, acquired a family and friends here and learned some building skills. Through people I was close to I became part of the opening of another gallery in Second Life. The Criss MCA™ was an amazing gallery started by my close friends and family Scotj and Katie Criss. It was set in the beautiful Costa Rica Sims™. I was it's curator for the two plus years that MCA was open and that's where my love of art began. With it's closing a few months ago I wasn't ready to leave the art world in Second Life’.

It was Lana’s passion for art that inspired her to pursue her goals and take things to a higher level. Lana tells us how LA Gallery came to be, her ambitions, favorite styles of art work and about the people who contribute to the gallery.

LA Gallery of Fine Arts building in Myrtle Cove Sim

‘At some point in the back of my mind I had thought how fun it might be to open a small gallery of my own. As long as The Criss was existing I was totally happy being there and part of that amazing gallery. When it closed I was a bit lost and then friends stepped in. I was encouraged by people close to me to do this. It is such a blessing having people in your life that believe in you. Then the offer of my good friend, Prometheus Suivios, to build a special building to become my gallery was something I couldn't turn down. If you see the structure you will know why. It is stunning’.

‘This is the gallery opening.....October of 2011’.

‘My purpose for opening LA Gallery of Fine Arts is to provide a backdrop for artists to show their work. I see it as a live space for art, artists and art lovers. I love showing established artists but, there is nothing more exciting than the exhibit of a new talent. The artists in Second Life are such amazing people and I am blessed to call many of them friends. I love standing back and watching the artists interact and support each other as well’.

‘Right now i'm really into abstracts. My taste does vary though. I have a collection of a big variety of styles’.

‘I am always in galleries throughout Second Life. I find work that I appreciate and invite those artists to show them in the gallery.

That and the amazing scheduling issues determine who and when they show. Right now three artists are showing. Mik Frequency, Reezy Frequency and Bonafiednutts Aries are just winding up their successful exhibits. By mid February there will be new exhibits’.
Lana in front of artist Sisse Singh's watercolor

Lana in front of artist Schmonson Dalglish's Landscape With Flowers

‘Other gallery owners and curators as well as artists often introduce new talents for consideration. Also I am contacted by artists to be considered. So there are a variety of ways to create exhibits for the patrons of LA Gallery’.

Lana speaks about her input into the production of Second Life art and how real life reflects in LA Gallery.

‘I don't produce art. I am not an artist. I'm an art lover, curator and gallery owner. I leave the production of art to those amazing talented people out there’.

‘As a curator it's my job to oversee the setup of an exhibit and make sure it shows to the best light for each piece. That can make a big difference in the whole exhibit’.

'As a collector of art I not only collect art in Second Life but, some of the real life artists I have worked with here have contributed to my real life collection. I have a few amazing pieces in my home done by very talented artists that not only show in real life but, also in Second Life'.

'I have an artistic eye but not to create paintings, drawings and sculptures. I do interior and exterior decorating for myself and for friends in real life and Second Life. I guess I just know what I like and have an open mind to new and interesting designs'.

Lana feels very strongly about her Second Life, she says she would not change anything even if she could and reveals a little about her personal life and her hobbies in Second Life.

‘I wouldn't do anything differently if I had it to do over again. I love my Second Life. I have wonderful friends and family...I do what I love’.

‘I get to meet and work with the most charming and talented people from all over the world. It's amazing!’

‘My main focus in Second Life is my playmate, Second Life husband and best of all my friend, Leo Eleonara. The thing is that when someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know your name is safe in their mouth. Our love story is worthy of a book by itself. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Despite our agreement that marriage was for real life only, he asked and I said yes. In April we will celebrate our two year anniversary. I won't go on about this now but, if asked I can certainly tell the story in detail ... Ha ha.’

Mr & Mrs Simondsen-Eleonara

‘Among the things besides this amazing man I enjoy in Second Life are the usual things enjoyed by all. The music, dancing, shopping, exploring and my addictions to art, shoes and hair hit the top of my list’.

Lana is a wonderful, fun person to be around. I enjoyed my time with her. I want to Thank you Lana for sharing such an amazing part of your Second Life with me, it was a joy to say the least and Lana’s words are an inspiration for us all ....

portrait of Lana Simondsen-Eleonara

‘I guess my philosophy here is if you are gifted with this Second Life, do what you love. Surround yourself with amazing people and focus on what makes you the best you can be. Most of all it should be fun’.

Ty for reading the article of LA Gallery of Fine Arts (click to teleport to its location) and its curator Lana Simondsen-Eleonara, my name is Pandora Drezelan, reporter for Press Pass network for OI Magazine Blog
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