Monday, August 13, 2012

OI Magazine presents: Valora Al Nahyan & Her Music Video Debut of "Public Health"

Written by Carmichael Caudron

(Parental discretion Advised)Video of the event turned into a music video of Valora's hit record "Public Health"
Video made by Dzinwiz Babii for OI Magazine:

Was organized by OI Magazine owner,Carmichael Caudron

The hip hop event with socialite Valora Al Nahyan took place on Friday August 17th at 4 pm SLT  :D in Secondlife™

It was a great success where Valora and her crew attracted over 50 avatars on the sim!
Thank you to all those who came and partied with us!

Location of the event was this SLURL

promotional poster of Valora Al Nahyan for the OI Magazine event (designed by Sicelle Daines)

This promotion is also seen in the August issue of LEVITY Magazine (after the publisher's journal):

Some pictures of the concert!

the city around the concert build by Apple Fall and Valora
more of the ny like city around the concert
Backstage by Valora
concert still shot by mery coldambitionz's facebook profile
another shot by mery (started raining but the artists and fans soldiered on!)
fight water!...and dance :D
nipslip! oh no FCC will fine us!


  1. Definitely it's a good way to promote events because the theme is related to the Hip Hop.