Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Virtual Wrestling Spotlight

- by DavidHawk Actor

For those of you who don't know me, I feel I should react like Ron Burgundy.  "I'm kind of a big deal," I'd say.  I've been involved with the Second Life Pro Wrestling Community for two and a half years and during that time have made a name for myself as an owner, writer, and performer.

If you've never seen professional wrestling inside Second Life, you are truly missing out on live entertainment.  Not only is it action performed by people in the ring, it's voice acting at its finest.

When I first was introduced to pro wrestling in world, I was shocked.  I have been a fan of real world pro wrestling my entire life and never even thought to see if it was here in Second Life.  That day, I learned not only was pro wrestling a thing here in SL but that it happens everyday!  There are a variety of groups and showtimes to fit everyone's timezone differences.

Just like real professional wrestling, doing this in SL is scripted entertainment.  If you signed up for a match against me, we would both know who was going to win but crafting the match to get there is all up to us as the performers.  The community uses a hud system that allows you to type a move into the local chat, hit enter and watch your wrestler perform the move against the selected opponent.  I'm simplifying it, but that is the general idea.

The greatest part of this scripted entertainment is being able to craft a story with another person.  You provide the drama thanks to the voice performances and the actions your character takes.  If you're a heel (a bad guy), you might insult the crowd or attack someone with a weapon.  As a face (good guy), you'd do it all for the fans and stick to the rules.  Writing stories is why I got into this community.  I love writing the feuds between two or more individuals.  Seeing the stories I've written played out is an amazing feeling.

By now, you can tell I have a real passion for the community as a whole and really enjoy what I do for it.  The purpose of this article is to shed some light on the amazing people within the wrestling community and spread the word about this underground community.  If you want an action, adventure roleplay with a group of people who are friendly and willing to help new applicants, then you won't find a better group.

Being that this is my first article and because I'm a promotional whore, I'll be spotlighting myself.  For uniformity purposes, I'll be talking about myself in the third person for the spotlight.


                                                                (Photo by Angeli Optera)
Name: DavidHawk Actor
Nickname: "The Real Deal"
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 245 lbs
From: Boise , Idaho

Formerly known as "The Renegade," "The Stinger," and "The Icon," DavidHawk Actor claims to be pound-for-pound greatest wrestler ever and by looking at his accomplishments, it would be hard to argue with him.  He held the OEW World Championship on five seperate occassions as well as holding the AWF, NBW, and UXW World Titles once each.  At the 2011 OEW Legends Awards Ceremony, David won the awards for Superstar of the Year and Good Guy of the Year.  At that same ceremony, he was also inducted into the OEW Hall of Fame.  He's held a variety of other championships as well, ranging from the OEW Tag Team Championship to the SWF United States Championship.  He has known success in every group he's worked at as well as worked some memorable feuds with some of the best known names in the SL Wrestling Community.  After being with OEW since its founding in 2010, he said farewell in April of 2012 and took some time off from the wrestling scene.  During this time off, he filmed a movie for Force.TV called Living With A Vengeance as well as started a weekly talk-show version of Virtual Wrestling Spotlight where he talks with guests from around the wrestling grid about controversial topics affecting everyone.  Outside of the wrestling community, David is an avid roleplayer holding the role of Batman (Bruce Wayne) in Gotham City, SL's premiere Batman-themed rp, and Wolverine (Logan) in The Original Marvel RP.  Recently, his break from wrestling has ended, and he's shown up at Virtual Wrestling Entertainment, a group that prides themselves on having the highest quality of production value.  DHA arrived at one of their biggest shows of the year, a huge battle royale where the winner receives a spot in the main event of WrestleSeries, their largest event every year.

Now that I've given you an introduction to Second Life Professional Wrestling and then talked about myself for a while, it's time to tell you how you can check these events out.  First, log onto Facebook and like the SL Wrestling Community page.  Second, there is a SL Wrestling wiki that has all the groups and times of each of their shows listed.  After seeing the list, check out one of the shows, and if you don't know where to go, anyone on the Community's Facebook page would be more than happy to help you.  Pro Wrestling isn't for everyone, but whether you go for the action, the drama, or the hot people being half naked and fighting in the ring, you won't be disappointed.  Treat yourself to the best LIVE entertainment in SL.  That's going to do it for me this week on the printed Spotlight, make sure to catch me every Monday @ 5pm SLT on the VWS talkshow live in studio or streamed, and wrestling for the VWE that has a show every Wednesday @ 5pm SLT and Friday @ 6pm SLT.  I love your avatars, and I'll see you next time!

MetaMix Studios, VWE
Slam City, DCWF
Business District Echo, APW
Bonaire85 , OEW
Slam City, HAWX (for female wrestlers, if anyone's interested)


  1. Only one problem, and thats at the links below. Metamix Studios is for VWE, Slam City is for DCWF, Business District Echo is for APW, Bonaire85 is for OEW and the second Slam City is for HAWX (an all female group).

  2. No Potomac Center listed for LM? Where VWS, VAW, and Force.TV is located? Your thing looks good just thought I should point that out HawkyBOY

  3. Thank you for pointing that out. All fixed now. \m/