Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Riding the Waves of Resort Life at Moon Spirit

Wednesday January 18th 2012
Moon Spirit sim

Have you ever thought about living in Hawaii? Maybe you’re tired of the old nine to five life and want to run away to some place to just relax and have fun. Hunter S. Thompson once said “Some may never live, but the crazy never die.”

My name is Amanda and Well, now you can live that dream in SL™, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your computer. Moon Spirit sim offers you the resort experience at a reasonable price. Sure, there are other resorts in SL and there is even Hawaii, but those sims are pricey (as they would be in RL as well).

(KHR) Kind Hearted Rentals logo

The main area is Kind Hearted Rentals™ which allows you to rent a house by the beach. The rates range from 150L to 1500L depending on how big a house you’d like and how many prims you wish to use. You also have the choice of a furnished or an unfurnished place. The script you’ll see above many of the KHR boards reads “Click for LM to office to pay rental box FURNISHED with 25 extra prims, unfurnished with 150 prims, 500L per week.” They also have skyboxes for rent.

Once you’ve purchased your residence, you just move in and then contact one of the owners: Colleen Bracken, Moonde Magic, Sergio Hancroft, or Sunflower Humbridge, Sonni Georgia, EricRob01.

Moon Spirit sim founders Moonde Magic(L) and Colleen Bracken

This is just the beginning because why rent a house when you already live in one? The beach offers many activities. There is jet skiing, surfing, and swimming. You can also walk along the beach or simply relax in a chair and watch the waves while listening to music.

The choice of music ranges from rock to country to jazz, or if you’d prefer to bring your own stream at your home, that is welcome as well available as your rental. The owners want you to be happy and that is their focus: pleasing the customer.

They also provide a relaxing, casual atmosphere which you’ll find when you see them around. They are not stuffy business people and can even be negotiated with if you go over the prim count. Yes, they are professional, but not so much, that they aren’t approachable. As soon as I stepped on the sim one of the owners, EricRob1, asked if he could help me not knowing I was researching for this article.

office of Kind Hearted Rentals in Moon Spirit sim

This is just the basic beach area. They also have a club called Moon Spirit Rising which has a rat pack theme to it. This was designed by Moonde Magic, one of the creative forces on the team. The club is blue and there is jazz music. They also have a jukebox for anyone to select what kind of music they’d like to hear. There is rave, country, pop, and more. The club has live entertainment monthly, formals, casuals, fundraisers, and holiday parties. The kind of events you would find at a resort with the same laid back feel.

There is also a bar where you can make your own coffee. On the dance floor you can do the virtual slide or salsa to Superfreak. If you go past the contest board, you can see the moon. They have a lucky letter poster too. In the month of December they fund raised for the Salvation Army™ and Toys for Tots™.

One of their past events was a surprise party for one of the owners. The special guest was Davide Paravane, a lounge singer.

Amanda partying with the co-owners of Moon Spirit sim celebrating the new year

I was also lucky enough to attend their New Years Eve party which was filled  the Preshow with DJ Sunflower Humbridge's Pop Music and then the Main event with trance music and DJ’ed by one of their old friends, Archangelo Hellman. Being there, I felt like an outsider, not because I wasn’t welcomed, but because everyone at the party knew each other, and it was like one big happy family. By the end of the party, I was one of them. The dress was semi-formal and was one of the first times I’ve actually dressed up formally. I also remember Colleen never danced in one spot. She moved around the floor and mingled with everybody.

Talking to the owners, I could see this project was a team effort. Sure, Colleen Bracken is the founder, but the boss is all of them. They are all there because they believe in what they are doing and they don’t take themselves seriously. At the interview it wasn’t even an interview, it was a relaxing chat with all of us splayed on the couch listening to jazz music in the background. This is exactly the feel of the whole sim and what made me distinguish it from other resorts. They are there, in the present moment, riding the waves of vacation life, just like the residences.

At the Moon Spirit sim there is something for everybody. And you don’t have to rent a property or land to take advantage of the surfing or jet skiing either! They like to feel you’re getting more than your money’s worth and I couldn’t agree more since I surfed for a half hour before our interview. One of the best parts, of course, is the pricing. They try and target the population that doesn’t spend a lot of money. People who earn their lindens from dancing, DJ’ing or hosting, which describes a majority of the people in SL.

Sisters for life (Colleen & Moonde picture number2)

So why would someone want to rent here? Relaxation and fun. What separates this resort from others is its accessibility. Anyone can afford it and everyone is welcome !

Written By Amanda (amanda432 cheviot) for OI Magazine Blog

 Our thanks again to the hospitality of the owners of Moon Spirit sim for allowing us to review their business ,here is their landmark again and as always,your comments are welcomed!
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