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Soaring In Salisbury Connecticut

Sita Writer

This exclusive article dates back to the pre-Olympic Games in 2012.It describes Sita Writer's real life traveling experience during that time to Connecticut also provided with her own camera pictures.

Connecticut is the third smallest state in America and one of the original thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule in the
American Revolution. It is known for its compact and varied
landscape that runs the gamut from hills and river valleys to the
serene shoreline of Long Island Sound. Known as the nutmeg
state because Yankee peddlers use to sell carved wooden nutmegs
to unsuspecting housewives
. Connecticut was also influential in
the development of the federal government and is known as the
Constitution State for this reason. As “the land of steady habits”
Connecticut features the highest per capita income and median
household income in America.

Winter snapshot of Connecticut by Sita Writer

In a recent article in National Geographic, Martha Stewart called
the Litchfield Hills located in the northwest corner of the state
bordering New York and Massachusetts the “real Connecticut”
because of its unspoiled bucolic countryside, large gracious
colonial homes, picture perfect village greens and charming
villages that are not sullied by the ever persuasive mega chain
stores and eateries that make so many cities in America cookie
cutter samples of one another.
There are many activities for visitors to enjoy in this southern
New England state from down hill and cross country skiing to ice
fishing, skating and even meandering on a winter wine trail or
simply relaxing by a fire at a cozy country inn.

Ski jump shot taken by Sita

One exciting winter event that takes place every January in the
quintessential village of Salisbury, located in the gently rolling
Litchfield Hills is the U.S. Ski Jumping Championship
. The
village has hosted this internationally recognized ski event ever
since the day back in the roaring Twenties when a pair of Salisbury
youngsters strapped on their skis and sailed off the roof of a snow-
covered barn. That, at least, is how the locals recount the story.
Whether the tale is true or just an example of good old-fashioned
Yankee yarn spinning, “Salisburyites” have over the years grown
delightfully dippy about their annual ski get-together.  

When, for example, the U.S. Weather Service fails to cooperate and the hills
lie bare and brown, the determined and resourceful villagers import
the fluffy white stuff from wherever Mother Nature has been more
generous, spreading a blanket of flakes on the jumping ramp and
the landing area with a wheezing, gasping corn blower. Only a
few times has the event had to be canceled, much to the chagrin
of the snow-loving Salisburyites. In 1991, some snowmaking
equipment was finally acquired and the days of shovels and
strained backs are over for good.

morales pic used by permission

This year marks the 87th year for the main event, the Eastern
U.S. Ski Jumping Championships that often have forecasted future Olympic competitors. Ski jumpers will be showing off the
tremendous coordination, skill and grace it takes to soar 64 meters--over 200 feet--with a happy landing on the ski jump that rises like some wooden prehistoric creature on Satre Hill.  

Another camera shot by Sita

The tower at the John Satre Memorial Hill, just off route 44 in Salisbury, has hosted many world -class skiers including members of the American
Olympic ski-team. Foreign participants have come from as far
away as Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and
the Ukraine.
Some of the best junior jumpers in the East are expected for this
annual event that is often a warm-up for Olympic hopefuls. The
activities begin Friday night, February 8, with a chili cook-off at
6:30 p.m., followed by the human dogsled race and jumping warm-
ups under the lights. Saturday events kick off at 9 a.m. with the
kids Nordic 20 and 30 meter jumping competition, followed by the
Salisbury Invitational Competition for ski jumpers from 1 to 3 p.m.
The big event, the 87th Eastern Ski Jumping Competition, will start
at 1 p.m. on Sunday; everyone will be hoping to beat the Salisbury
record, an impressive 231-foot jump.

Traditionally, the enthusiastic crowd cheers skiers on by jingling
cowbells as the jumpers soar. This year, between 7,000 and 8,000
ski enthusiasts are expected to arrive, more than three times the
number of villagers. There is a folksy, down-home feel to the event
-- competitors must huff and puff their way up hundreds of steps
to reach the launching platform; down below spectators can crowd
to the very edges of the landing area for a close-up view of the
excitement. For further information, see

The Litchfield Hills is renowned for its comfortable country
inns and bed and breakfasts
so if you plan on making a weekend
sojourn to this winter wonderland there are many options to choose

ragamont hotel
ragamont blue room suite
ragamont living room

The Ragamont House Bed and Breakfast, an award winning
Landmark property located in the heart of scenic Salisbury offers
elegance and comfort in a stately Greek Revival Landmark
Mansion. Expansive gardens, canopied beds, cathedral ceilings,
fireplaces and cozy sitting areas are combined with up-to-date
modern conveniences and three lovely suites that you will happily
call home. The Blue Room has a rustic cathedral ceiling with two
double Shaker inspired canopied beds that have been designed by
local cabinetmaker Ian Ingersoll of Cornwall Bridge Connecticut.
This room offers a cozy sitting area with a working fireplace that
is a perfect place to warm up after a day at the ski jumps. http://

Rock Hall fireplace

rock hall room chamber 1
rock hall chamber 2

Rock Hall Luxe Lodging located in nearby Colebrook is a
romantic and refined boutique lodging experience on a spacious
private estate designed by renowned architect Addison Mizner in
. Originally the house was built as a residence for Jerome
Alexandre, an heir to the Alexandre Steam Ship fortune and his
wife Violet Adelaide Oakley. Mizner known as “The Architect of
Palm Beach,” designed and built their 10,000 square foot manor
house in his signature Spanish Mediterranean Revival style.
Today, Rock Hall is the only surviving Mizner residence north of
the Mason Dixon Line.

Rock Hall, listed on the National Register of Historic Places
features graceful gardens, orchards, walking trails and meadows;
billiard and fitness rooms, and a seasonal tennis court, swimming
pool and jacuzzi. Choose from five distinctive guest suites
including Chamber 3 with its’ hand blocked pastel printed
wallpaper from Italy, Juliet Gray queen size bed with gilt bed
tables, chaise and wood burning fireplace --the room is an
expression of romance at its best.

interlaken inn living room

interlaken inn townhouse image

 For a resort like accommodations, try the Interlaken Inn known
as New England’s Country Resort located in nearby Lakeville.
This resort is located between two lakes and offers all the modern
conveniences of a world-class hotel with the added benefit of being
located in a setting of great natural beauty
Here you have a choice of lodging options from a room in a romantic Victorian Mansion
to a townhouse conveniently equipped with a full kitchen and loft.

Thank you for reading my article about my experience in Connecticut, my name is Sita Writer reporting for , welcome to leave comments as always!