Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creative IT® Videos, The Brainchild of Pamila Tiponi.

Written by Margaux Dufaux

When Pamila Tiponi first came to Second Life™ (SL) almost 3 years ago she wanted to see what this interesting virtual world was about. She came on to explore and in short time met a friend that provided her with her first lindens and helped her learn her way around. Before long she was employed as a hostess and through her work there she met many wonderful new people, landing her a job playing in a band, and eventually getting into modeling. It was while training to be model she started to experiment with making videos, which is also a real life interest for her.

When she decided to make her first video, she asked her friend Spirited Emor if she could record a music video for him  and she asked friends to join in. (see that video below).

"Spirited Emor- Stand By Me"

Pamila, a recent college graduate, continued to explore SL, making videos applying her real life skills to improve.  While working as a manager for a music business  she filmed her first wedding video. Wedding videos are the bulk of the business now and for Pamila the most enjoyable part of her work " I love to make Customers happy, to give them the best moment in their SL life captured by us".

This video  "Yannick & Curvey" is one of her wedding videos.

As more and more people started to become aware of her work approaching her to record for them she decided then it was time to learn how to establish and promote her own business.

Creative IT® Videos Production was born, to date they have produced 85 videos (35 of them being wedding videos).

Logo of Creative IT Videos production

One of her favorite and most successful projects was the sexy belly dance video she did, for a client:
See it below:

This video has had over 6500 views from all over the world and was named one of the best Second Life™ videos of 2012 by Momac.
It was one of the best of Momac Videos of August 2012. Be sure to check out the Creative IT Youtube™ channel so that you can see their full body of work ranging from performance pieces, to weddings, to promo videos. 

In addition to videos with Creative IT, Pamila also offers modeling, clothing design and wedding consultation services. Many of her past clients like Rose/ rfb morpork of Paris Metro™, and lovelyrans of Love Dreamers™ are now part of the network she utilizes to help provide her clients with full service experience. In addition to video services providing help with anything you need for that special day, from advice on finding that perfect gown to arranging the reception of your dreams. Attending to all needs of the client is what she credits with their success. They all recently teamed up under Creative IT to sponsor a contest to find the perfect bride and groom. See details here

Pamila plans to continue making videos and sharing in some the most special moments of people. Her greatest satisfaction comes in knowing she was able to capture the quiet beauty and tender emotion of those precious moments, for her clients to enjoy for years to come. See for yourself what her customers have to say As for the future she is exploring SL to real life possibilities for growing a successful business doing what she loves using skills gained on both sides of the grid.

The Creative IT team also do Live events for customers and fans one of them are Weddings contest here is an example of  a Second Life wedding contest of Creative IT:

If you want to participate in their videos as actor or want to participate in their contest feel free to contact Pamila Tiponi in Second Life.


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