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Entrepreneur, Stacy Mosely Talks Business, Life & Charity.

Written by Carmichael Caudron

Glam picture of Stacy Mosely done by our photographer Kaley Rae Fancypants.

Few people in Second Life™ are as driven as Stacy Mosely, our client this time at OI Magazine SL.
She is the owner of 2 companies, acquiring one recently this year, VMS aka Virtual Music Services™ publication, previously owned by Jay Hurikan. She manages several live singing acts and on top of that also works as a photographer and machinima artist.

We will highlight her career up until now and take a look inside the mind of this dedicated entrepreneur of what she is willing to share ,what made it all happen into who she is today, who is by her side and what further plans she has stored in her journey in our virtual world online community.


You must be tired, Stacy coming from the event yesterday. I read in some notices that you were promoting Brixton Canning and Jessy Davidson , could you tell our readers more about it?

Stacy: "To be honest, every day is pretty much chaotic. Not only the venue grand opening last night but I also had a performer singing the hour before the opening. So dealing with rl and then coming inworld to make sure notices get sent out, the performer has what they need, the venue has what they need then being at the show to monitor their stream, make sure sound is right and things are going as they should. Play hostess to their shows and answer the dozen IM's that always come through during performances about the performer, then running to VMS Club Neuro™ to get things ready for the first performer in about 5min or less before stage time, pretty nuts.
Actually it was so crazy yesterday that I was at all the events in an evening gown with no shoes.
SL was not cooperating with notices, my bot that sends out groups notices inworld about performances wasn't working right, I was writing 3 different sets of notices and never got shoes on!

Picture of the event taken by Stacy, with Jesse Davidson playing the guitar

Brixton Canning also appears in this shot, taken by Stacy Mosely

The VMS Club Neuro, is that your club?

"Yes, it's the collaborative work between VMS™ and The Guardian Spirit Transitions™ (GST) sim. It's a group working with autistics inworld. They use SL to help teach social and personal skills in a non-threatening environment. Hoping people can take what they learn gradually to their real life."

That is very cool, what kind of club is it and when did you establish this collaboration and what made you interested in doing so?

"It's a tips only venue, the main goal is a place where any performer can play. They don't have to be one of "the famous" to have a place to sing. A place for just musical enjoyment and help with bringing awareness of Autism to everyone. What it is, who these people are and how to understand.
when I took over VMS, the first thing I did was eliminate the venue. It was never prosperous and the cost was ridiculous. Venues really don't make money but what was being paid out vs return was beyond bad.There was some flack from some performers over it, who had had regularly scheduled (paid) gigs there. The more I started thinking about it, the more I thought would be nice one day to re-open but with better thought put into the operating.
Marcus, the owner of the GST group and sim approached me about their group and if I were interested in re-opening on their sim, rent free, with a tip split to the sim for the venue
after lots of thought and discussion, we came up with the plan - Club Neuro was a club they had had years ago and we decided to keep the name and go with it from there ... thus we now have VMS Club Neuro back on the grid
It's not a fund raising venue, that's not the goal. Any venue tips are appreciated but we don't use it as a fund raising venture. Just a place to hang, have fun, listen to some music and meet some extremely interesting people."

The promo for the Club Neuro grand opening event

Did Marcus come up with supporting Autism, a very noble case btw or did you both decide on it?
"Marcus is autistic and has been doing this for many many years. He's a published writer and loud proponent of all things Autism. It is his guides that are being used on the sim as training tools. He founded a rl non-profit foundation years ago based on his work and brought it into SL as a means to reach more people, services and support at no cost to anyone - minus sim tier fees.
There are a lot of supposed non-profit focused groups and sims in sl, all looking for handouts and fund raising under the pretenses of some rl foundation. The Autism Society of America™ does not have a true group inworld that is governed by their standards and guidelines yet. There are those who claim to be but the funds donated never leave SL and make it to the foundation. We're hoping to fix that."


You mentioned taking over VMS™, when did you buy it? Follow up, what made you interested in buying VMS?

"Well that's an interesting story.. short version - I'd been working with Jay as Chief Editor for about 9 months or so and he came to me one day frustrated and said he was giving up VMS, going to do something different because he wasn't having fun anymore. This happens to everyone in sl over time. So I offered to take it. That's pretty much how it came to be. We've reorganized, made some changes to the website, added to the magazine page and are doing very very well."

That's great. Looking over at your profile I noticed you are also the co-owner of Krypt Keeper Media™, tell us more about it please, what is it about?

"It's a group that my partner (Kessryll Stormcrow) and I put together, originally for the inworld machinima that we filmed - should point out that it is adult oriented material and the photography work that I do. We were very involved with it for a while and I do still photo work when asked or if the mood hits, but like most "hobbies" in SL, it's fallen to the wayside for the most part.
We enjoy building sets and poses for them for photo work, we have an MP store where we sell the custom poses really cheap after the photo shoots are done. We prefer making our own because of the uniqueness and ability to make what we want how we want, rather than use someone else's pose and make my set fit them."

logo of VMS

logo of Krypt Keeper Media

Did you start out as a machinima artist and photographer in SL before doing publishing and music management?

"Yes, we also do a lot of our own building and I make textures as needed. The music management came into play because my partner is a live performer inworld - Stormcrow."


Oh yes, I noticed you were partnered to Stormcrow, may I ask how did you guys meet?

"We met in SL, friend of a friend kind of introduction and literally just hit it off instantly.. love at first pixel."
"He really wasn't singing much inworld and just didn't have a strong management base so I took over. That was almost 2 years ago. It just took off from there. Meeting the most amazing people just inspired me to get more and more involved."

That's so nice to hear, how long have you been together?

"We had some rough times and split up for a few months but we've been back together and partnered now for a year and 1/2."

past promo of Stacy's partner, live singer Kessryll Stormcrow

I always ask our clients this,because it is so interesting to know, how did you discover SL and what was your first wow moment here as a noob?

"LOL...omggg...sooo long ago! I actually saw it on an episode of CSI like a million years ago and decided to check it out. I think that was maybe 7 years ago now, maybe 6...lost track. But I was instantly hooked and have been here since in some for or another. On my 3rd AV and last.
And initially, every moment was a WOW moment and even now I am still Wow'd fairly regularly.
Haha...I googled...appears to be 2007 when that episode aired

Contacting Stacy Mosely, VMS...

Great. In closing could you let our readers know what they should do if interested in contacting VMS and how they can stay updated on your future projects there?

"Well the best way to stay in touch with us inworld is to join the VMS group - we have around 600 in the group now. We dont spam! Notices are 99% about VMS updates on the web or major goings on on the grid.
We also have the Facebook™ page where same things are posted and a twitter account
and there's a VirtualMusicServices page that allows for everyone to post upcoming shows and anything live performer related on the grid.
VMS is not just about the VMS Venue, we want to promote all live performers, venues and anything performance related in SL. We don't charge for our write ups or reviews. We average about 12k or more hits a month on the site so great place to advertise - those we charge for but very affordable compared to other online advertising options for inworld marketing

"The first link is the main group to LIKE on FB, 2nd is the group to join and post in and last is the magazine website itself."
This concludes our interview of Stacy Mosely of VMS in Second Life, thank you for reading, feel free to comment and recommend this article to others, my name is Carmichael Caudron, reporting for OI Magazine SL.

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