Saturday, June 15, 2013

GraffitiWear™ Is Fashion By Designer, Chalice Piers.

Written by Fuzzball

GraffitiWear, founded & owned by its designer Chalice Piers-Soulstar (Soulstar is her partner's last name) is a shop that, upon first glance, seems to be just another clothing store in Second Life™ virtual world, but after a look around, it's much more than that. It's a store for both men and women, who are looking for clothes, at a reasonable price.

GraffitiWear Gowns for L$ 225 each in 4 assorted colors (shown above are the red and purple ones)

               The dresses found here, are not only creations of the store owner, but are also better looking than others, and cheaper than far more. In Second Life (SL) a single dress, of this caliber, can go for about L$ 500 to L$ 1000. At GraffitiWear, they are sold for the mere price of L$ 225, each. Dresses aren't the only item sold here, for a cheap price, skirts also made by the store's owner, are sold for as low as L$ 25, each, and look a lot better than most, that are sold for four times as much.

Velour Skirts @ L$ 25L each
                What store is complete without a few games? There are two Gatcha machines here, as well as an Unlucky Dip. Gatcha machines have become a sort of necessity in an SL store. However not many people have probably heard of the Unlucky Dip. It's a game that has basically the same principals of Bobbing for Apples, but instead of apples, you're bobbing for prizes.

Currently their best selling item, the Lace Tees @ L$ 50 each
                The design of this place is just as top notch as its merchandise. With the bottom floor filled with woman's wear such as the Lace Tees the best selling items currently selling for L$ 50 each, and the top floor with men's wear and accessories, one might think of a bunch of boxes just stacked everywhere, but once you see how the design of the store works well with the placement of the products, you will realize there are no boxes here.
                Of course, most stores have boxes, though this store has the bottoms hanging on hangers. Even a lot of the tops are on hangers. This store is truly one that had the goal of looking realistic, and not only reaching that goal, but perfectly, and flawlessly, exceeding the goal.
                The lady's section is split in three parts, with the new products in the middle. To the north is the single piece items, as in the shirts, the pants, the skirts etc. To the south is where the ladies outfits are sold, giving it a more organized look. The men's and accessories section is split in half. The men's wear is to the north, and the accessories is to the south. Fat-packs (an item packaged in a bundle of sorted colors) are sold with the items that are in the fat-packs..

GraffitiWear men's wear Hawaiian shirts @ L$ 95 each
                Don't be discouraged if you don't have enough linden for something, because they have a mini mania board, as well as a lucky letter board, too. So the store is nicer than a lot of other stores that only want your linden. This store actually wants you to have clothes, that's why their prices are cheaper than most.
                A place of amazing clothes at cheap prices, and fun almost addicting games, and an amazing design, make this store one of the best in SL. It is definitely worth a visit.

Below are GraffitiWear new releases which include Jewelry sets and Pleated Skirt & Top sets.
To see more of the designs online, please visit Chalice's Flickr™ account
Thank you for reading my review of GraffitiWear, my avatar name in SL is Fuzzball! (theonlyjohnny) reporting for OI Magazine SL.

These new released jewelry sets are sold at L$ 95 a piece sold in assorted colors each

The Pleated Skirt and Top Set are also new releases that are L$ 150 per set


  1. Update: Chalice recently got married to Amori, her partner SL/RL too I think for years. here is their SL wedding on youtube!

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