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Kylie Sabra, Author Of "The Singing Dagger" & Upcoming "The Lost Child"

Written by LadyVictoria Lenoirre

Glam pic of Kylie Sabra done by kaley fancypants, OI Magazine Photographer

Most of you who have heard of or know Kylie Sabra, know that she is

the curator of the Rose Theatre and Art Gallery and is known for her photography, but did you

know that she is an author in real life?

She wrote a novel called The Singing Dagger which was published in 2012.

If you think photography is hard, trying writing an entire novel! That really takes time and


The Singing Dagger is a novel about intrigue, romance, and lots of drama. It is a “Celtic

fantasy.” Kylie ,who has Scottish ancestry, started writing the novel before she heard of SL. I found

time to question Kylie about her fascinating novel. She invited me to her place for a little afternoon


What is The Singing Dagger about?...........

You might be wondering about the singing dagger. Kylie said frankly, "There is actually a

singing dagger wielded by a ruthless wizard who thinks he's in control.”

“It is a time of magic or rather magic had been "put on hold" so to speak as many felt it to be a

dangerous practice. But the people of Tara realize that they must once again embrace magic if

they are to survive the onslaught of the wicked king from the South. Although it has magic and

witchcraft in it, I would not say it is Wiccan as Wicca, as a practice, has only been around since

the mid-fifties.

Is it based on SL experiences?..........

The first novel is not, she admits. “I am looking forward to writing my second one though. I

think my experiences here will make it even richer.”

How did you prepare for writing this novel?.............

“I did a tremendous amount of research on Celtic lore and gods/goddesses for the book. Then did

what I wanted. Lol”

Did you hear stories and read about Celtic lore when you were little?.............

“My father told me tales. I think I've always very much felt my Celtic roots. I was an avid

reader. I was reading Tolstoy when many my age were reading much lighter fare. Now! I love

young adult literature. And particularly fantasy. This book however is not for the young adult


Cover of the Singing Dagger

So it's darker than JRR Tolkien?!......................

She grins before replying,  "I jokingly refer to it as Tolkien with sex. OMG So sorry, Mr.


What are the series based on?................

“The series is based upon a poem, which is indeed a prophecy, which affects three generations.”

It is a poem I wrote, called "The Bane of King Adaire".

Who or what has influenced you to become an author? Do you feel that your experience in SL has enriched your writing in any way?...

“Not for this book it hasn't as it was finished. As to what influenced my writing... I started

writing stories, music and poetry as a child. As well as creating art. As well, I was in corporate

marketing and communications for 15 years as a writer.

I do think that my experiences here will affect the next book. Just in the practice of constantly

writing every single day.”

The Lost Child, the sequel, how would you describe the tone, darker or lighter than The Singing Dagger? When is the tentative release date?...............

“Darker. I'd say it is about a year out. I'm honestly waiting to see how sales of this book go,

but I've had little time to promote it as I should for both SL & RL reasons. My work here at the

gallery is pretty intensive. Additionally, I've focused more on my art and art promotion. Frankly

I’m hoping that promotion will overlap as my name is broadcast about. I write 3 blogs as well.

You really can't run about saying "READ MY BOOK!'. There are too many out there doing that.

Best to let people read your other writings and get a sense of who you are. If they like you, they

will buy your book.”

What are your sites?.............

Amazon link for The Singing Dagger:

“The Singing Dagger” is available in both paperback and kindle. When you

have time, you should read it. In Kylie’s words, “It's a beautiful love story, but with plenty of

violence, mystery and magic to keep it out of maudlin' territory.”..........

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