Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebrity DJ A.F.I. talks about Secondlife

Written by Carmichael Caudron

Introduction of a real life celebrity in Secondlife™......

beautiful promo glamour shot of DJ A.F.I

DJ A.F.I™ is a celebrity DJ and TV star aka Aubry Fisher (A.F.I stands for Aubry Fisher Ink).
Aubry who has starred in 2 reality shows TLC'S LA INK™, and VH1'S ROCK OF LOVE 2 ,also has upcoming movie projects in the works in Hollywood (Los Angeles) where she resides.
In this interview we will be looking into the past 2 years of her life , where she has visited a virtual reality game called Secondlife.
Many other celebrities have visited Secondlife (SL™) such as Duran Duran, real world companies such as Mercedes Benz™ and along with another estimated 10 million visitors at home have either made an account or live their "second" lives daily on this wonderful virtual reality.

It's not everyday at OI Magazine we have the honor to write an article on a real life celebrity so I was very excited.
I had the chance to talk to her on the phone as well as chat with her avatar in SL.

Along with the details of our conversation, lets look at her journey in SL thus far....

Family in SL....

Rain, Maddox and DJ A.F.I in Secondlife

On Facebook™ she has a professional page and an SL page for her profile and besides listing her DJ schedules , she proudly shows off her friends she made in SL and especially her SL family. To those less familiar with the virtual world, you can do as you would in the real world, after creating your avatar you can create your own first and last name, a career, design, rent a home,anything including raising a family and Aubry is doing all that.
In there she connected with the avatar Maddox Dupont, a native from Australia in real life,a well known hair,fashion and shape designer in Secondlife who owns KMADD & Mad Designs™ with whom she is raising a family that includes her simulated SL children, Rain, Paige,Lucas,Faith,Tana and their furry pet avatar,Andu.
Rain, Paige, and Lucas are all toddledoo (toddler/baby clothing) designers of which Rain has established an online store at Marketplace at this link

DJ A.F.I in Secondlife with family and friends

The meeting of her first SL child named Rain is a deep genuine love story Aubry told me,who in real life is a 20 year old girl who roleplays Aubry's daughter in the game.It was something she had never experienced before, filling the void of not having had kids yet in her real life and finding it here in SL.
Rain in turn considers Aubry her surrogate mother as well as they both have established that deep unbreakable connection. They Skype™ almost daily, talk on the phone and Aubry mothers Rain like she would her real child, it was pretty touching hearing her speak in this way of her close friend from SL.

Meeting Maddox Dupont was also a love story on its own where she tells me one day she just imed him and said, "You are hot,I want to go on a date with you!"
Maddox replied and sparks flew in the game where they have been together ever since.

Designing SL fashion....

AFI Argyle UK Tank Top

AFI Boho Elephant Halter Dress

Recently Aubry has also just begun her own fashion clothing line in SL which she named A.F.I Designs™. She creates mesh clothing designs, male rock designs and female boho (hippy) designs with majority of the textures handcrafted by her.
That day I had met her earlier at one of her homes in the game with my own avatar where she had invited me over to ask me and one of her friends there for our opinion of some of her latest male mesh designs, where she was dressed as her male avatar displaying the clothing.
You can find her store at this link and to buy one of her items you need to register an account and exchange your currency into Lindens which is a very quick and simple process.

Djing in Second Life.....

promo made for her Secondlife DJ sets

The main clubs DJ A.F.I. spins at regularly in Secondlife are club Ambrosia, Rez, I love the 80s, Grind, BAD and Toontopia.
Aubry tells me she is also friends with Phil Kearny who is the owner of Ambrosia, Rez, Grind, and BAD. She continues "He has made a major impact on my game and life and I love him dearly as a friend. He has become a confidant and has been there for me through everything. He is very compassionate and motivating and a very caring friend. I owe him a lot. He pushes me and makes me a better person both in RL and SL ".

She has fliers for each event at the clubs and promotes them on Facebook or in the game (inworld)

DJ A.F.I djing in Secondlife

I asked Aubry what brought her to Second Life to DJ and roleplay plus how secondlifers perceived her being here from her RL celeb status.

"I saw it on HBO, I thought it looked so cool with 3D animations and I tried it out and found I could DJ on it as well.Been there ever since" she answered.

"Overall the acceptance was great" , she told me "but a few people did hate on me being here as they thought only normal everyday people with everyday problems as they put it,should be in the virtual world, to which I said I have as much right to be here as the next person, my status has nothing to do with it, I'm human and have the right to the same escape,relaxation and journey SL offers its players".
Couldn't have been a better answer,I thought and her answer definitely silenced her haters.

As to managing her Second Life keeping it in balance is her manager who checks on her from time to time logging in with his own avatar, who she on multiple times,ejects from her home she told me when he gets too intrusive hahaha.

past real world promo where Aubry performed

Validation was also an issue for Aubry, she tells me "When people saw my avatar, they always seemed to question my identity if I really was who I said I was, so one day I webcammed live during a set in the real life club to put the rumors to rest that I was faking who I was".She has since done several webcam shows as it was naturally well perceived by the audience in SL.

Next I asked if she has told her real life friends, colleagues and family about secondlife .

"In my real facebook I have a picture folder called Second Life, they are aware of it and it's definitely no secret"

The 108 pound 5 foot 6 blonde beauty then told me she enjoys promoting her SL but it is a lot of work as she is very busy with Djing in her real life career while trying to handle her secondlife audience at the same time but she does it because she loves it and she's paid well too for doing it.

She then gave me this link (or see the embedded video we provided above) of her birthday party back in August last year she shared in SL on video listed on Youtube. Needless to say the event was grand and even a Linden employee attended which is rare in SL.Linden employees are people employed by Lindenlab™,the makers of the virtual world of Secondlife who have their own avatars and make sure everything goes smoothly inworld.
She tells me she has befriended several Linden employees now, who enjoy her events and periodically visit her sets!

Photography, Photoshop artist......

Photoshop Photography by DJ A.F.I

example of her client photography work

Photography is another one of Aubry's passions in real life that she is exploring in SL too using Adobe Photoshop™,she is very good at it may I add having seen her work, very skilled.You can schedule an appointment with her if you wish to hire her for any photography work,simply leave her a message inworld or via Facebook to set it up.

In closing......

As the clock turned 5 o'clock in the AM, our phone conversation winded down as I heard her yawning and ofcourse I couldn't keep a lady up this late, I thanked Aubry for her time and hospitality and being so open with me.A great experience for me as a writer in Second Life.

Don't expect to get her phone number out of me though when we talked because even I don't know it, it was blocked on my caller ID as her manager would go crazy if she hadn't made that precaution which I completely understood.

Real Life DJ bookings..........

Thank you for reading our article of celebrity DJ A.F.I (Aubry Fisher) exploring the virtual world called Secondlife.

You may join her group in SL named DJ A.F.I. Fans

Like her SL Facebook page to stay updated on her DJ gigs WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RLDJAFI 

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Also find her websites at WWW.LADJAFI.COM and
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